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^Always took the guy for a girl, since they look exactly the same lol

@arcus said:

@jezer: oh he was in it for brief periods, but not for most of the fight. If he was amped through the whole fight why would his eyes have started glowing again after Korra pulled him off the water spout?

I didn't say he was in it for most of the fight. But the reality is that we mostly don't see his eyes for most of the fight, and its not an exact science. We don't know if going in it amps him for only an instant, or only a couple of seconds, or half a minute. Do their powers slowly start to creep down to normal levels or do they simply fluctuate quickly from AS level to normal? We don't know.

My point was that they were amping themselves on and off randomly. That's why his eyes weren't glowing when she pulled him off the spout. But, since they were doing it on and off, do we ever really know when his powers were definitively not powered in some way by the avatar state?

That's why it would be more accurate to judge him off feats before that battle. Though, whether or not those feats apply don't really make a difference for the outcome.... Zaheer's feats of offensive airbending still triumph over any feats Unalaq did during that battle. While Unalaq sends the twins to fight off Mako and Bolin, Tenzin singlehandedly fights 3 Red Lotus(did it twice). Zaheer is still deadlier than any of them, Tenzin has better showings.

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@arcus said:

@jezer: almost all of his feats in his final battle with Korra were without his Avatar State (since his eyes weren't glowing at all)

I'm not sure that's true. We actually see Korra do attacks where her eyes glow very briefly and then change back to normal(9:51-9:53 on the vid). And his eyes were glowing at the very beginning when the battle begun (9:40-9:42). They seem to very briefly engage the Avatar state to amp themselves in burst, initially in the fight..

For most of his attacks, we don't see his eyes. And when we do, we don't get a shot long enough to tell whether or not he's amping his power in short bursts.And apparently their eyes only have to glow for a second to augment them for a little bit. (Seriously, check Korra in 9:51-9:53)(Also, why would the first shot of them meeting for the battle be with his eyes glowing if not to signify that his power was amped?)

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@arcus said:


Umm yeah he kinda did. Tenzin landed multiple hits, and Zaheer couldn't touch him.

The first half of their fight was Zaheer running to try to change the battlefield. Then they got up on the bridge and went through a few seconds of mutual blast-dodge-blast-dodge. Then Zaheer got tricky with his agility. Then Tenzin hit him with a solid blast. Then P'li butted in and blindsided Tenzin.

Actually, he tagged Zaheer three times. Well technically 4.

The first hit when he allowed everyone to run. The second hit while Zaheer was spinning through the air onto the roof while trying to escape, causing him to spiral out of control. The third hit when he popped up onto that narrow bridge area. The fourth hit when he did that no-look,backwards bending yoga pose. During all this, we never see Zaheer tag him once.

Yeah. P'li shot him down. Then he got surrounded, dodged a few attacks, hit one person with an air blast, and got shot down again. You really can't say those three seconds of fighting is an accurate representation of how a full-on 3v1 fight would have gone.

Eh....actually the sequence when he started soloing went like this: Takes out Ghazan with an airblast, turns, blocks Ming-Hua's water attack, turns, ducks under Zaheer's airblast, Takes out Zaheer with an airblast, spins, dodges Ming Hua's ice attack, and is about to counter her....

He dodged these attacks without looking, while he was taking people out...Let's not downplay those 3 seconds of him dominating while being attacked from all different angles.

You should rewatch the episode...or just the entire fight scene

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Airbenders win both rounds.

Not really sure how people see the water benders winning any of these rounds.... In fact, not even even sure why people are saying things like "Unalaq's the strongest bender" or "Unalaq could possibly solo" or "Unlaq's water spouts, so fast!".....are we watching the same show?

I can't recall Unalaq doing anything significantly impressive with his water bending (other than exorcising spirits) before he fused with Vatuu AND this battle specifically says he's not in the Avatar State. You can refresh yourself here

At the very beginning of their battle, 4:40-4:50, Korra rather quickly and effortlessly disables, picks up, and tosses Unalaq into the portal away from Vatuu, like a small infant. He then requires his twin daughters to distract Makko and Bolin so he can get back to the spirit world. Err.... at what point should I be impressed with his bending? True, Korra was Avatar State when she used her airbending to do that. But, Zaheer did a similar move against Korra's dad when they were fighting near the Air Temple to pick him up and toss him off the mountain, and he did it effortlessly.... So Korra's use of airbending in that moment wasn't particularly outside of the skill Zaheer has shown.

Additionally, unless I'm mistaken, Unalaq only used that highpowered water spout vortex to travel after he fused with Vatuu, unless he used it in an earlier scene in the season. So, not sure how applicable that is here. Don't think he's shown agility like that without Vatuu.

So....what I'm saying is essentially: Both Tenzin and Zaheer are better combatants than Unalaq, and their speed and maneuveribility neutralizes Ming Hua's own agility and speed, her main advantage against her opponents...Airbenders are almost unrivaled, they are as quick as her, if not quicker.

The fact that Tenzin was soloing three Red Lotus attacking him at once for a bit, before the Combustion Woman snipered him, very easily indicates that he is likely above both Unalaq and Ming Hua. He literally dodged and then countered attacks from Ming Hua, Zaheer, and the lavabender when they had him surrounded on three different sides... and had dodged Ming Hua's attack and was about to take her out before he got caught by the Combustion Woman's attack. There's no reason to think either Ming Hua or Unalaq could defeat him.

The fact that Zaheer, even before flying, was using dangerous and efficient offensive airbending attacks likewise indicates he could probably take either Unalaq or Ming Hua. Do they have an answer to him bending the air out of their lungs or picking them up with airbending (Did it to Korra from afar, did it to Korra's father from close quarters) and throwing them?

.....Not sure how anyone thinks they could win.(Seriously, I'm scratching my head)

EDIT: I think it's slightly possible that either one of them could solo. We've seen Tenzin hold his own and overpower three benders who beat essentially all other benders they encountered in the season(except, Ming Hua narrowly lost to Makko, and the lavabender lost to both of them doubleteaming). Given that, he may be able to solo.

We've seen Zaheer take down a chained up Korra and her dad. Not really equivalent to Unalaq and MingHua, but he may have the speed advantage, we rarely see him get tagged, and he's vicious in his airbending. Its possible and not even farfetched that he could solo or fight them to a standstill .

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Err... why do people compare themselves to each other?

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So... McGregor vs Aldo?

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The same reason people tease someone about anything..

Literally stole my reply.

However, on top of that, its also associated with a lack of self-control, quite obviously. So, people think it reflects your inner character.

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Haha I see people still can't admit when they're wrong in the Battle Forums...

Both Ghazan and Ming Hua are almost perfectly suited for both Toph's style and Katara's style.

At the end of the day, limited water vs unlimited Earth which becomes unlimited lava? Little movement, strong base, and sees through the ground vs quickfitted, agile, and aerial?

Control of large pools of water and little movement vs. Precise finesse and subtle control of water and constant mobility? Sees best through solid earth, not quick, and mostly uses earth to dodge vs. using liquid version of Earth, melts the ground at your feet, and can use all your attacks against you in a way you can't manipulate?

Not really sure how anything but bias, or the inability to see that sheer power =/= victory, could lead anyone to think Katara and Toph could take it....Its like when Ming Hua beat Katara's daughter, and someone posted something like "I think Katara's daughter is better than Ming Hua. She was trained by Katara and Katara would demolish her! It was just a bad showing" Get over your favoritism.

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Ripred "I start to crack at about 400 to 1," according to Wikipedia.

Okay, Master Splinter.

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@immortal777 said:

@The_Deathstroker: Shooting ones self over a dog even if you love it is ridiculously stupid.

She could've said something like "No" and either 1.) Parents would shoot the dog or 2.) The parents would punish her in a different way

It's the same as a person killing themselves after a loved one dies. The person who died wouldn't want you to die and would want you to live your life more than they had the chance to live their own themselves.

Uh, what's your point? Yes, her parents could have simply ended up punishing her a different way that could have resulted in both her and her dog living.

........Its nowhere near the same of a person killing themselves after a loved one dies, for that very reason. I mean, if she thought her parents would shoot the dog if she refused, does she have any reason to think they won't do so after she kills herself?