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, then, history tells use that a species eventually exits out what is not need. T


Uh... no.

Tell that to our appendix(though apparently it has a newly discovered used?) , the female orgasm, male nipples, parts of our ears, our wisdom teeth, goosebumps, and any other vestigial traits that we have, but do not use. Because they are remnants of our evolutionary past.

You're saddened by a thought that's just plain incorrect....Doing the most, achieving the least. Turn that frown upside down ; )

[And let's be real, as if we men would allow ourselves to be disregarded. Woman studies/partiarchy]

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@jezer: Why are you being so defensive? realize it'd be more accurate to say I'm on offense? realize at this point I just want to see how long I can go saying "you realize xxxx"?

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@jezer: I do realize. That's why I said "Nigerian" as a whole rather than list all of the dialects... realize they have languages/dialects spoken from several major language families from all around different African regions? So, calling them "Nigerian" doesn't really work.

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@jezer said:

@monsterstomp said:

Arabic, any native language, Nigerian.

You realize "Nigerian" isn't a language?

Duh. Don't they have a few dialects?

....You realize they have more than a "few" dialects?

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Arabic, any native language, Nigerian.

You realize "Nigerian" isn't a language?

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Just finished watching the latest/last season.

What can I say? Misfits may have been the funniest show on tv. Like, I love Community and I think its hilarious. I love other comedy shows. But Misfits really does it. Just for the boldness, the innovativeness of its humor. Maybe my judgment is premature, and a lot more british comedy shows successfully pull of the funniest scenes. But I hope Misfits really was unique in that manner. Semi-spoilers for the last season up ahead.


1. The whole plot point with Alex gaining the ability to take away powers by having sex with people and subsequent storylines was just hilarious. Abby trying to get him to fuck her turtle to turn him back into a human; hilarious. Alex having to forcibly fuck Satan Finn in order to depossess him; hilarious. The scene in the final episode where they're fighting the guy who has flight, and they reverse psychology Alex, by challenging his masculinity, into luring that guy by running out, letting himself be grabbed, and then fucking him midflight to take away his power--while they all cheer him on and people were watching--hilariousss. When their powers got reversed, and he accidentally gave that girl all the powers he'd taken (Agent of Satan, Accident Prone, Ability to Turn things inside out, hypnotic boobs) and then ended up killing her with a banana peel; hilarious.

Not to mention his previous seasons storyline of searching for the person who used her power to steal his penis(and her holding it hostage at knife point)

2. Rudy Two's storyline and character development was great to me. Him trying to find those people with superpowers, in order to fullfill their destiny according to the sweater that showed their future. Him finding his own group, his struggles with Rudy One, his group turning out to become supervillains. That was all great. It was also a nod back to the Original Asbo Five, who's storylines involved similar things.(Fullfilling the future, becoming a superheroes, traveling back to the past, etc.) I also loved the fact that the new Asbo five's storyline ended happily, while the original ones ended in tragedy.

3. Rudy really stepped up with his humor. Like, I was always unimpressed with Rudy, because he(and no one else) could match up to the hilarity that was Nathan. But, he came pretty close this season. The whole thing with him taking a video of Jess taking a dump in order to get Finn to get over her, and it accidentally being sent to everyone and going viral, hilarious. Nathan would be proud, ugh I wish they were somehow on the show together.

4. The new probation worker. He himself was funny. It was nice, ironic change from the past seasons, where the humor was in how often and consistently they would kill their probation worker. He almost got killed, but survived(an obvious nod to the previous seasons). He was a strange combination of funny and badass.

I could rave on and on about the show, but I think thats enough. Some erros/flaws would be in the loose ends. For example, Abby's creator disappeared from the series, despite the fact they were kinda in a relationship and inseparable. Abby's turtle turned lover was tragically killed in front of her in the most horrific manner(turned inside out, organs spilling out of his body) and we don't see any of the emotional trauma that had to have caused. There's no evidence of it in the last episode and its unaddressed. Finn seems like he found a girlfriend with the computer girl, who he convinces to come back to the real world, and yet she disappears from the series AND he still has feelings for Jess. Speaking of, she barely uses her powers. Maybe twice the whole last season. Finn uses his telekinesis weakly and sporadically. Etc.

Nonetheless, I loved the show's mixture of action, comedy, drama, and british accents. This last season had the New Asbo Five grow on me, till the point that I forgive them for not being the Original Asbo Five. Now, if they were all on the show at the same time... not sure TV could handle that.

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@jezer: Anyone can be an inspiration depending on what one is aspiring for.

Just because Jay Elect's verse was more informative, more "clever", doesn't mean it is automatically better. Everything is subjective, especially when it comes to taste.

I think Jay Elect and Kay Dizza both had solid verses but K.'s was better because it was controversial. The best part of his verse was the name dropping because it emphasized his statement that he's trying to take everyone's fans. However, it did get blown out of proportion.

"Best verse ever" NO.

It shook up the game, Yes. But, that isn't anything new. SlaughterHouse shook up the game when they formed. Jay shook up the game when he came back from "retirement." NaS shook up the game when he dropped "Hip Hop is Dead" and his "N" albums. The track "1Train" shook up the game too.

I think the whole "Control" phenomenon was great but ended up going to far. I think there were a lot of factors to that.


True. However, I think everyone can respect someone who is able to succeed in several difficult careers simultaneously. Like a jack of all trades who doesn't spread himself too thin. While an elite Air Conditioner repairman(As Troy is on the show Community) will only be respect by someone interested in such.

I disagree, meaning I think you're only partially right. There's a difference between saying something is better and saying I like something better. How much you favor something over something else is a matter of taste, quality is less subjective(though still slightly subjective). Sure, someone may value Kendrick's name dropping--content and subject--better. His intention. But, one can also look beyond things which are not intrinsic to rap, and analyze a verse on merits associated intrinsically with rap. Though, I admit I follow a view on rap that judges quality by the same way one would judge poetry or a work of literature, which others may not agree with.

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@jezer: Yeah that is true. I was just trying to explain what makes him different from all the other established rappers.

Gambino can be greater than Jay-Z... someday. See I have friends who say Kendrick is the Greatest of all time. I say he can be... someday. Kendrick and Gambino are just starting.

They have a lot to do to do to reach the height that eM, NaS, Cube, 3k, and others have reached.


I hate people who overexaggerate Kendrick's skill, at the present.

Do they realize that Jay Electronica's verse was better than Kendrick's on Control? lol

But yeah, I agree that one day they can be up there. Though, Gambino has to balance rapping with being successful as an actor, comedian, screenwriter?, etc. Gambino is an inspiration.

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Hate when people try to argue ethics about animals. Next thing, we'll have people saying "What gives you the right to kill off a virus with your immune system?" People start boycotting vaccines. Etc.

I'm glad the people I skimmed through on the first page hit the nail on the head.

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Considering that Santa has elves slaving for him in his factory like a dictator, Santa could be an Urgal. Possibly a Dragonrider.(Reindeer can't fly)