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Ripred "I start to crack at about 400 to 1," according to Wikipedia.

Okay, Master Splinter.

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@immortal777 said:

@The_Deathstroker: Shooting ones self over a dog even if you love it is ridiculously stupid.

She could've said something like "No" and either 1.) Parents would shoot the dog or 2.) The parents would punish her in a different way

It's the same as a person killing themselves after a loved one dies. The person who died wouldn't want you to die and would want you to live your life more than they had the chance to live their own themselves.

Uh, what's your point? Yes, her parents could have simply ended up punishing her a different way that could have resulted in both her and her dog living.

........Its nowhere near the same of a person killing themselves after a loved one dies, for that very reason. I mean, if she thought her parents would shoot the dog if she refused, does she have any reason to think they won't do so after she kills herself?

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Also, I think this episode made it clear that Airbenders are the best fighters/combatants.

I mean, we have the Red Lotus--each member said to be able to take on anyone in the world. Obviously that's an exaggeration, but they've all demonstrated themselves as better than any bender they've faced regardless of the type--Zuko, the ice twins, metal benders, etc etc. They include people with special powers--a lava bender, a water bender so good she can bend without arms, a combustion bender. Coincidently, the fourth piece of this unstoppable puzzle is nothing more than an airbender who isn't on the level of a master. And yet, this has made him essentially as unstoppable as everyone else on his team.

The only exception in the series, so far, is the only Airbending Master in the show(unless Korra counts?). And he was able to dominate one of them, and then dominate three of them at the same time, while they had him surrounded and tried to attack him from different angles.

Let's not forget that airbending was the only style that gave Amon trouble, both from Tenzin and Korra.

I have never understood people who would argue that any other bending style is better, combat-wise. (not counting bloodbending).... Airbenders are the fastest, most versatile, and have ubiquitous access to the element they manipulate.

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@lunacyde said:

The reason i don't see Tenzin dying is that now his family and the others have seemingly escape Zaheer needs him as a bargaining chip with Korra.

Did they escape though?

We saw his brother and sister escape, but Combustion women sent the Bison flying. Though we don't see it, I thought this implied that with their escape route gone, the others were captured.

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I feel as though Kya could have taken Ming-Hua if she was younger maybe

Why? She only got one hit off on her.

I'd understand that if she gave her even a semi-close fight at her age, because then you could extrapolate that she was probably better younger and could therefore beat her, but... she didn't.

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Lol, damn Tenzin was so impressive.

He was spanking Zaheer like a small child... I'm not even sure what level of airbending skill Zaheer is(as,they were clearly on different tiers) anymore, Tenzin made him look like an amateur(which he technically is considering he just got airbending, but he's been impressive soo far).

Damn, I'm pretty sure Tenzin could have solo'd three of them if the Combustion Woman wasn't there. I reran that part like 5 times---he takes out the lava guy, blocks the ice, turns around and dodges the air, takes out Zaheer, spins around dodging ice, and is about to take out the women with water arms.... That's straight Azula-level fighting....Except Azula would have won lol

Also, I think this is the first airbending battle we've seen? Impressive stuff. Zaheer jumping around like spiderman, Tenzin flying around. 10/10 fighting that episode.

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Will self-destruct after I finish eating


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@dccomicsrule2011 said:


Edit: Solving the Puzzle is one showing of intellect; according to the anime/manga - the Millenium Puzzle was a puzzle so intricate, that it was beyond normal human compehension, hence the reason it remained unsolved for 3,000 years.

Not really a showing of "intellect", more like spatial reasoning.(Likewise, solving a rubix cube is not a showing of intellect.)

The reason you can tell how intelligent Light is is because we actually follow his thought process and line of logic. Solving a 3000 year old puzzle, while impressive, is too vague to be a showing of intellect comparable to the strategy and reasoning Light demonstrated in functioning as Kira.

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@dccomicsrule2011 said:


I was referring to the series before Yu-Gi-Oh! DM actually. Yugi showed much more intillect during seaon 0 than he did when playing Duel Monsters. If I was on a desktop - I would post a more cohensive response showing such.

Oh okay. I mean, I can't comment on it since I haven't seen it(I didnt know there was a series before it). Maybe you're right.

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@kittyparker13 said:

Misa Misa would've still done it to avenge her family and kill others that hurt people. Although, she would've been caught pretty quickly on her own.

Misa was such an idiotic and annoying characters. I can't believe I actually liked her the first time I watched Deathnote.

As for the thread, Season 0 Atem/Yami Yugi would be a perfect fit he has all the tools and attributes, and intangibles to do it; and need I say, do it better than the original Kira himself?

I don't know if you're talking about the original Yugioh, but I can't recall him ever displaying a significant amount of intelligence. (His mental process playing the game is not indicative of a high intelligence)