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@thor_s_hammmer: you can't just say yeah he said. where did he say this when?

I think Thor too btw

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Not a superman fan-boy before you say it but isn't superman meant to be super smart? well it's irrelevant anyway because superman isn't a man he's an alien.

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He will be in the Guardians of Galaxy movie and possibly in Avengers 3. However it's not out of the question for them to just disregard that part of the avengers.

Remember X-men: last stand post credits scene? Professor X suddenly appears in a hospital. Nothing ever came of that.

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I'm concerned about this as a movie because with MOS we have just established some good base figures for Superman both physically and mentally. Having Batman in with superman especially if it's a MOS 2 or with a two year gap, maybe even a MOS 3. They are basically gonna have to reboot him mid trillogy.

I don't know about anybody else but I was hoping Doomsday was the next baddie.

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Personally, I think the best angle is to make Batman and Nightwing sort of enemies. make it where they don't see eye to eye anymore and the last thing Dick would ever do is dawn the Bat-suit. Make it that if they work together, they , or at least Nightwing, does so reluctantly. I believe in order for Dick to be taken seriously, he needs to offer something different from Batman.

Dick can beat Batman under a number of conditions that allow him to gain credibility while batman maintains his. Using Star Wars: If you remember, Darth Vader killed Obi-Wan but it came across that obi-Wan allowed him to do so for a greater good. Darth still seemed like a badass. In Star Wars episode 3 when Obi-Wan defeats Aniken mutilating him to become Darth, they seemed even but Obi-Wan won only by luck.Using Fast 5: Brian wants races Domanic and he does but Domanic beats him by cheating. This makes you think that Brian will win in specific circumstances.

What i'm saying is I too agree that Dick has to beat Bruce and if he does so, it has to be because Bruce allowed it for some greater good reason (Darth vs Obi-Wan). if Not than Bruce has to Win by cheating or sheer luck (Fast 5 and star wars episode 3).

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I wander if their gonna have a bot more of war machine in this.

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@spiderbat87: In the film they make it out that the metal is gold and he just adds red because he sees one of his cars with red and yellow/gold flames ( hot rod). he than says something to the effect of "throw a bit of hot rod red in there" or ' throw a little red in there" to Jarvis.

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Every character is in some way inspired by another. With a comic universes consisting of literally hundreds of characters obviously their will be similarities. Often for the sake of a story line a writer might want or need a character that resembles superman. The reference point is not always DC or Marvel. For one I think that the Hulk is most akin to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and he looks like Frankenstein. Solomon Grundy looks more like Frankinstien, so is it not plausable that both were inspired by frankinstien rather than one and other?

With superman, you have to understand he was one of the first if not the first to have super powers. I wouldn't call anything that comes to be as a result of him a rip off, more inspired. You have to think if your going to make a superheroe yourself, the chances are they will fly and have super strength, a cape? maybe or some long fluttering garment like a jacket ( Matriox Neo). The only way you won't step to this default of superman is when you want to create a different character and a can assure you that without using some sort of inspiration your stuck with the average Joe ( Kick ass). What would you have?

Superman is the source, so most powerful superheroes will have what he has atleast.

Is Stephen Hawkin a rip off of Einstien because he was inspired by him? no.

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Since i think superman and thor would provide a good fight, i seems only logical to say Thor wins this but by the same margin as Superman.

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@tim2081: well said. they weird thing is you see him kick the living S>>it out of a big hitter and then struggle against a little guy. I think the recent Avengers movie put it correctly with one scene ( despite the fact that i thought the rest of it was garbage). Hulk confronts Loki deals with him as expected in a few seconds, Loki is out cold for a few minutes.