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Re: Starfire

Mr. Lobdell, I'm not terribly familiar with your body of work. I don't really pay too much attention to who writes or draws what I read. Perhaps that's negative but I'll leave that for others to decide. That said, I see your response to the Starfire question as a deflection of the question altogether. You point out that on the DC boards only a few people are saying these things... but you don't mention the rest of the internet at large. Frankly, the posters on the DC boards almost certainly represent a fairly small minority of your readership on the whole. You really should be taking into account significantly more things than just that.

With that in mind, you didn't actually answer the question. You instead focused on your distaste for your detractors' phrasing... Which tells us nothing. Fact of the matter is, you've taken an established character and did a complete 180 on her personality. Obviously someone is upset about that. I'm not as up in arms about it as lots of others (there are many things wrong with Red Hood, not just Kori). If you have a reason for making this change to her personality, you should explain it. If not, you should accept the fact that there are fans out there, possibly MANY of them, who are going to be upset with you for it, and you're going to have to accept that. Shaking your finger at them isn't going to change their opinion of the book, it's just going to sour them on you.

But hey, your book, do what you want. The sales numbers will make the call, ultimately. They always do.