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The Marcus rape storyline is very old (happened in the early 1980's), which is likely why you don't remember it. Like I said above, it was never retconned and is still a part of Carol's history. Shortly after Carol escaped from Marcus, she was attacked by Rogue -- in fact this storyline was Rogue's first appearance in comics. 
I love Ms. Marvel too, she is one of my favorites. She has a long, complex, and often tragic history but has always persevered through it. Marvel should realize that she is their version of Wonder Woman. It is unfortunate that her title was canceled and I hope she gets it back someday. 
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I agree with Xerox-kitty. Marcus Immortus stated himself that Carol had initially rejected him, and had he not used a "subtle boost" from his father's mind-controlling technology on her, Carol would not have slept with him. A real-life equivalent is using a date-rape drug on someone to make them more "compliant." It's still rape and just as immoral and illegal as physically overpowering someone. 
It also was not retconned out of the storyline. The new writer, Chris Clairmont, merely recognized it for what it truly was (rape via mind control) and brought the storyline to its logical conclusion.
As for how powerful Marcus was, he was the son of the time lord Immortus, as someone already stated, and had access to his father's super-advanced technology. But in a physical fight I think Carol would has smashed in his skull in seconds. She just wasn't prepared to deal with his mind-control devices at the time.  

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 I've seen Worf get taken down by Ferengi before. Not impressed. Spock may seem like a mild-mannered Vulcan science officer, but he is actually the bigger badass and he's not going to lose to a Klingon. 

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I'll say Spock in both scenarios. He's stronger and smarter.

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Storm cannot win when she possesses NO superhuman speed while Starfire can achieve escape velocity speeds (that is 34 times the speed of sound, or 10 times faster than a speeding bullet). Can you imagine what it's like to be someone who can move that fast? Neither can I. That's because compared to someone who can move at that speed, we are literally frozen in time like statues. Just like Storm would be when Starfire speed-blitzes and takes her head off with a starbolt or a class-100 strength punch. Storm would have zero time to think, move, or blink before she was hit. Starfire one-shots, end of story. 
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Poison Ivy could use the existing foliage in Central Park to KO or kill Black Cat in any number of interesting ways. Poor kitty would have no chance. 

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Been done before, and previous thread already confirmed that Starfire one-shots Storm. In before lock.

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Team 2 curbstomps. Iron Man crushes Batman and Wonder Woman dispatches Storm with a blitz at near-light speed. Battle over in less than the time it took you to read this.

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This is about as fair as pitting Harley Quinn against Thor just because they both have hammers.

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You must really hate Poison Ivy.