i'm calling u guuys to tell people to buy the firestorm series it is getting better again no more secret government project and dan jurgens is bringing back the firestorm we know and love check the reviews of the little that buy it,by the way do we even review it here anymore ? i try buying 2 coppies so i don't see back issues anymore so pls tell ppl to buy it.I mean if scott snyder wrote it won't we buy it in a heatbeat?:) So pls no my pull can't take it in commentaries or complaining just encourage and if u buy it thx also @matchesmalone21 can u pls make a firestorm respect thread showcasing action from the beginning of jurgen's run thx:).So pls buy firestorm the fury of the nuclear MAN thx.

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Posted by wisesonAC

honestly i dont like the direction they are going now i actually loved the new feel of the previous was new and my 1st real showing of the character,but i checked out the latest issue and it was alright. i

Posted by Binski

I enjoyed the captain atom story arc for what little it's worth I'll continue to buy

Posted by jesusdisciple001

@Binski: thx