I love earth 2 the way Robinson crafts his tales is nice but i don't like the way he put flash's power he seems so slow and i know they might say development is coming but that should be for other things like vortex,vibration of molecules etc.What about his natural speed we easily see new 52 flash running all the way from central city to metropolis in matter of seconds and i saw a battle forum where they compared n52 flash to jay and they said he showed no substantial speed feats whatsoever i will say he was running around the world but still that took him time the latest issue of earth 2 SPOILERatom not atom smasher because a few people call him that almost catches up with jayEND now i know you might say he is big and jay was carrying people but he got to Dc fast again not said how fast he went with Kendra so i love earth2 but i need more for jay garrick thanks:) side note:green lantern should make constructs and shuold have a battery so he can carry the earth energy with him to space because green lanterns are known for space

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Both rebooted Jay and Alan are now inexperienced super heroes so maybe they just need more practice.