I feel comics are not being treated well in some countries(my country one of them)especially in africa sure DC is helping the horn of Africa and that is quite good but once they are done africa is being back to being that terrorist filled continent nobody cares i know of comixology but how many others in africa do.The first comicstore (and probably only)in my country was closed soon after it opened,i don't know if they don't distribute new 52 or marvel comics here bcuz of potrayal of thatch skirt but at least batwing should be sold in the country they put him in.I feel it isn't right and comics should be distributed in countries in africa appropriately don't you?

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You can get it same day digitally. There's no local printer (That DC has a relationship with) and audience in Africa for DC to print over there .

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a hipster's favorite place to be is in a comic shop in an obscure country.

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@the crowbar:i can get it digitally but how many can, sure a few know websites but that's in the minority

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this opens up a problem that I've dealt with and I know of. And yeah, maybe DC and Marvel don't print over because there's no market, but maybe the reason there's no market is because they don't print over here. they should make a leap of faith and try to attack these areas that have the potential. And no, Im not even talking about africa, this same stuff happens in europe and probably asia too

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@moywar700 said:

a hipster's favorite place to be is in a comic shop in an obscure country.

Beat me to a similar joke!

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@jorgevy:thanks 4 the contribution i didn't mention other places bcuz i don't know but u r right d big 2 shud try