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I know it's Uncanny X-men #251, but I can't find the novel it's in.

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@enzeru: I also wanted Red Hood, if they were gonna force Batman in my face like that. Also New 52 Supergirl would've been cool, I really like the new costume. And the "Scorpion" thing i just thought was insulting.

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@chem86: I did like Way's series but apparently Deadpool's fans have different opinions on it. But have you read Deadpool: Pulp? If you have I'm just saying that's the kind of Deadpool main comic I would like to read. This current series just seems to always be one issue too long, like the Daredevil crossover issue I thought should've been omitted, just have the shape shifter die pretty fast then get to the fight with Vetis.

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Hey I what series did the Golden Age Deadpool come from? I got what I thought was all the side series from deadpool going back to Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth. (Except for Deadpool: Max). I also thought it was cool that Deadpool: Pulp was in it, that series was amazing.

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@enzeru: yeah, I think Batman is overused, They've made a book basically for every niche, which is also how I see X-men right now, which I guess doesn't matter because people still buy them, but when it stretches out to other things it bothers me. Like how a third of the injustice roster is Batman. I think Green Lantern is at a comfortable amount of books, it seems to be naturally larger because it is the whole "Corps". The only Batman book I'd get rid of would be Batman Incorporated, but Morrison is killing with it so it gets a pass, when he leaves it though it should go too.

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@thelostpassenger: I know, I've kinda wanted to get into Ghost Rider but it really feels like marvel is only making Avengers/X-men books, or tie ins to the Avengers/X-Men.

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I really like the new Deadpool series, the writers have been able bring lot more to Deadpool's personality as well as mystery, surprise and suspense to Deadpool's storyline arc's.. What I like the most is the way Deadpool in acting in the series, he no longer as careless as he was in the previous series (Way) and looks like he still him just not take any s*** like he did in he's last series.. though I do agree that it isn't as humorous as it was but the humor is there and I do think it is more clever and witty..

I thing I like about the Dead president arc was that it seemed that Deadpool was the only guy for the job, they mentioned in the arc that they did want Captain America to be seen fighting the president's and Dr. Strange asked how Deadpool was able to walk through the sphere without dieing.. which lead me to believe that Deadpool did something that Strange couldn't..

The issue Deadpool dealing with Iron Man was pretty funny and was a good lead into the next few issue's..

All around I think the current series is a Deadpool that we haven't seen in a long time.. Kicking A** and Crackin Wise

I don't think we are reading the same comic. I could see how the story could be considered alright, but their delivery is just awful. The dialogue sucks, it makes it seem as though there's no depth to Deadpool. The artwork could also be better, it's not awful but the whole comic just feels bare minimum. Marvel's just giving their attention to their movies and giving us a decent Deadpool story with fart jokes at every corner.

P.S. The Ben Franklin thing came from Dr. McNinja.

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I'm real big in DC, except I make sure to always get Deadpool. There seems to be too much X-Men to me, and out of all those "X" titles there's no X-23. I was really bummed when they ended her book to put her in the avengers academy. I counted all the X titles at my local shop just to get an idea of how much of the Marvel books they took up, it was something like 20-30% at that shop.

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I totally agree man, every time I read a review saying the comic is amazing it just sends me in a rage. It's just cheesy one liners all over the place, Daniel Way had such a better handle on Pool. And don't even get me started on those BS 'throwback' issues.