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Han Solo FTW.

In this scenario, he has the home turf advantage because the fight happens aboard the Millennium Falcon. I'm sure Han has it rigged with trap doors and booby-traps that he could use to his advantage. Han's blaster MVP (I'm assuming that Indy has his pistol and plenty of ammo).

HTH, though, Indiana Jones has been shown to tank much more punishment, giving him the edge.

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Optimus 2/3.

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@djangophile said:

1. Galactus never defeated Odin. Odin is every bit as capable of taking Galactus out for good if he wanted to.

Havent we been there before? Did i not correct you 2 month ago where you tried to make up a fabricated lie about Galactus being weak to magic???

Anyhow lets see what happened shall we, and how Galactus totally did not defeat Odin and how the story clearly shows Odin is every bit as capable of taking Galactus out for good.

Firstly, Galactus vs Odin fight after the whole telepathic battle.

First Odin charges to headbutt an already injured Galactus.

The popular headbutt

Both Galactus and Odin fall to earth.

Odin bleeding from his nose, is so weak after the almighty headbutt that he has to enter Odin sleep

Thor: "My father enters the Odinsleep"

Unless you are saying Odin just decided to take a nap, in between the fight, i dont see how else can you interpret it other than Odin getting KOed.

What happens to Galactus next, he gets up , heals himself and is ready to take on Asgardians.

So Odin headbutts a already injured Galactus, manages to get KOed, while Galactus gets up just fine and heals himself as if nothing has happened.

This totally shows that "Galactus never defeated Odin and Odin is every bit as capable of taking out Galactus for good if he wanted to" right??

Mjolnir Wrecks Galactus when it hits him, imagine what Odins own weapons would do to Galactus.

Oh really, mjolnir totally wrecks Galactus when it hits him (you even when on to say everytime, awesome)

Oh look Thor himself on panel disagrees with you, lets quote Thor shall we

"Once I myself did defeat Galactus in battle, but only by calling upon the power of Odin, and only after Galactus weakened by hunger had exhausted himself battling the living planet Ego"

And you wonder why people say you ignore context.

As per Mjolnir wrecking Galactus everytime.

Oh look Thor totally wrecks Galactus here

Or an amped up godblast totally wrecked Galactus here

How much energy did Thor, Rachel and Silver Surfer put in the godblast, well they were all KOed, so fair to assume that was as high an energy as they could put in

Or Thor did so much more than minor damage to Galactus, while in between a telepathic battle with Odin where Galactus was already sweating because of mental exhustion

Or Galactus threatned Thor and left him speechless, when Thor could totally at any time, wrecked Galactus with his Mjolnir

All this does wonders to support your idea that Mjolnir can totally wreck Galactus.

2. None of this has anything to do with Odin. You are talking about other beings powers, not Odins or zeus or Galactus. The celestials owned Galactus. Its clear you think Galactus is stupid enough to go up against and search for Celestials without being full power. I don't think Galactus is an idiot. At full power, he got OWNED. He invaded ASGARD, HE GOT OWNED by ODIN. He gets smacked with Mjolnir repeatidly over the course of decades of Marvel comics...he gets OWNED EVERY SINGLE TIME.

This part is really hilarious, firstly you claimed those Mad Celestial were Low Tier, and when someone gives you evidence to suggest otherwise, you shift the goal post and pretend "none of thsi has anything to do with Odin", specially given how Jonathan Hickman himself confirmed those were just as powerful as 616 Celestials.

And how did Galactus faired against Mad Celestial, on a one on one confrontation

Galactus takes on 3 Celestial, and kills one rather easily (although worth mentioning Galactus did consume 4 planets in the anticipation of this fight)

After being resurrected by Franklin Galactus defeats another Celestial

As per how Odin faired against Celestials.

3 Skyfathers, Odin, Zeus and Vishnu, combine their power to attack Arishem, result: they were like gnats to Arishem

Pretty clearly on panel:

Spoken by Odin eye that was sacrificed to well of Mimir

"When futile bombardment (from the 3 skyfathers) ceases, the mighest of the celestials turns from the angry, immortal gnats at his feet and unleashes his own immesurably more potent energy through a dimension rift"

Granted Arishem isnt an ordinary celestial because he is the leader of the pack, we however know the difference between Arishem and other celestial arent as much.

Dreaming Celestial rather easily beats Arishem

4 other celestials pretty easily beat Dreaming Celestial in a one sided fight

Which shows Dreaming Celestial, who was vastly superior to Arishem, was largely outmatched against the other 4 together. Certainly shows while Arishem is powerful there isnt a huge gap.

Then we have Galactus easily handling one celestial, and 3 skyfather together being nothing more than "gnats" against Arishem.

Its hard to contest who seems superior.

3. Thats a crap ton of speculation. Are you Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, because you are the only person in history to be able to definitively calculate how powerful the combined being was. Wow, you are awesome. Can you go in greater depth with other characters? I would like to know exactly how powerful Phoenix and Beyonder are, what exactly are their limits. Its clear you know, otherwise you wouldnt spit out such garbage like you know everything without question.

I dont see much of a speculation nor calculation in his post. All he said was the merged Celestial likely matched the power of Exitar, i dont see how its an unreasonable speculation given we see Galactus able to easily kill a single Celestial and get one shotted by the combination of 4 Celestials together.

Seems like a fair speculation.

Its not like he came up with power level or anything.

4. I call BS on this.

Call whatever you will, i would be surprised if anyone reading this post, doesnt come to the exact same conclusion "You seem to disregard a lot of context"

I am 100% with him in this one, you are totally disregarding a whole lot of context.

Very informative post in terms of power scaling. Thanks.

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Thor in the Destroyer armor vs classic Drax the Destroyer with the Power Gem.

Consider Thor as Thanos for all intents and purposes for Drax. Thor is in WM.

Combatants begin 1 mile apart from each other.

Fight starts on the surface of Io:


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Classic Drax FTW.

Supes has no way to put down Drax. He basically has near skyfather strength and durability, but with the brain of a raisin. Supes tires himself out after blitzing Drax, enough to slow Supes down and open him up to a KO.

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Do you agree?

I say yes!

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Heralds 10/10.

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Yup! I agree. I've even seen peoplecsay Sufer could drain Superboy prime of solar energy. So thats why Im asking. Cause Ive personally never seen Surfer do such a thing.

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SS could do far more in less time.

Bloodlusted, SS SOLOS the JLA.