100 characters that ought to have an ongoing title.

Some of these characters have never had ongoing series before, some have never even managed to land a miniseries.  Some of them used to have ongoing series and some of them have recently lost theirs.  Regardless, these are the characters I think have enough substance to support an ongoing monthly title.

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Posted by 614azrael

I like the list good amount of awsome characters some are vilins tho n thos would be hard to sell as wel as some of them we wouldnt want. Theres a risk of going to in depth for xample i love wolvie n dp but alot of others are loseing enterest do to ther constant xsposure. Others have had 2 much history revealed such as Cyclops we know everything about him an he is a constant in Xmen sence he is the leader so what else would there b to tell

Posted by Shoe

That's a LOT of ongoing titles.  how would anyone ever afford thier pulll list! 
Lots of great choices, but some I don't see.  Who would read an ongoing Valkyrie or Stingray comic...not saying I wouldn't, but I don't think that Marvel could get enough readers to PAY for that....A miniseries tho...definately