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Good for Neil.

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While he does have a lot, none of them are really about the same thing. Batgirl...IT'S BATGIRL not Batman. B&R? Not Bruce. Etc

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Of course then again, Nolan also said that he wasn't fond of the idea of robin being done the way he had been in the past, that he didn;t think it would work... and everyone took that to mean he meant no Robin EVER. When he really just said he wasn't sure he liked the idea.

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Well if you check out the commentary (I think that's what it is) on the films you'll find they used Frank Miller's version of Batman for the main influence, while trying to show a bit of some of the other greats shining through.  
In any case though it's important for everyone to remember this 3rd film according to DC isn't in any way the end of the franchise, in fact according to Nolan he's not even sure it'll be his last film. He said he's just not sure if he is the right person, or if he's willing to spend the time on a 4th. But he's said over and over that no matter what he did with Batman he wanted to make sure it could be built upon and wouldn't need the reboots required after B&R.  
It also is a big thing to remember that it's been said that Selina Kyle, not Catwoman may show up. Gorden didn't start out as the Commissioner, and Harvey wasn't meant to turn into Two Face till the 3rd film, but The Dark Knight ended up not being a two parter as Nolan originally wanted.  
Nolan has already said if he did Batman 3 he wouldn't compromise this time like he had to with the Dark Knight. I'd wager that all of us Batfans will be happy.

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Hmmm Maybe if it were Bruce, Dick and Tim. I mean, I'd have to give it to Batman, Nightwing and Red Robin. 

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I'm not really sure where the PIS lies, Hickman has been given access to tell about the untold days of Marvel, it's considered 6161 cannon. None of the feats contained in this book are anything that hasn't happened before, (though this is meant to be the first time) and Hickman is known to us Marvel fans as someone who shows only fractions of his hand at a time, so what you mat think of as PIS now, will most likely be fully explained down the liine.  
When Secret Warriors came out a few cried PIS, those same few now hail it as one of the best new books put out my Marvel in years.  
I've been reading everything Hickman has done at Marvel, and I've yet to see him do anything questionable. I say give it time before declaring PIS, it's not like the guy had Rulk fight Thor in space with Thors own hammer or anything. When things like that happen, that's when we should be worried. -_o 
It is also one of Marvels biggest series right now, in fact it has some of the best sales from any publisher. It's been more then a little hard to not hear someone talking about this the last few months. Even die hard haters of Marvel have been raving. I'm a little surprised so many here haven't heard of it, even the CV staff talked the heck out of it.  
On the Hydra front, SHIELD was not always a branch of Hydra. SHIELD is older then Hydra if I'm not mistaken. But beyond that, what was reviled in Secret Warriors (Again by Hickman) was the Hydra at some point had gained a form of control of SHIELD and for at the least, a vast majority of the time Nick Fury was there, SHIELD was being manipulated by Hydra into doing Hydra's will on many missions. NOT ALL, which is why Nick was able to almost kill off Hydra many times.  
SHIELD the series takes place long before these events however, unless it is reviled otherwise later in the series. It's also important to take note of Leviathan, we know that both titles SW and SHIELD are connected, so most likely we will be learning more about Leviathan as well. 

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Green Arrow, or a JSA show maybe . . . 

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I'm a huge thor fan, have been for most of my life. This looks better then I could hoped it would be. On the Don B front, they said it would be like his human name to hide that he was Thro rather then it being a shared soul. 

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I'd love to see him replace Christian Bale as Batman. He's a better actor and not a total tool. It's hard for me to see so many great roles go to a moron like Bale Lol 
I think Tom W should get it. 

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The fight style was of the hook!