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Excellent! Now do we get a Mark Ruffalo action figure as well? :) Kidding of course...

I'd be stoked about that myself. I've been collecting the select line awhile, and this was one of the few I was really let down with, I'd be pumped however to see Mark in the jump suit with the bike.

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It's not a reboot. They've announced, what has been long rumored, this past week, that the next film will be a followup and not a reboot. That'll take a directional turn for the franchise, but will be a true followup to the first 2003 film. 
On the flip side, David was also announced as the director about a month ago.

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I agree with you completely, this book was what the ultimate line was created for.

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@Babs: Comics Worth Reading, broke the Zuda story in July, Wildstorm's review releases stated a change in branding, and JW said they'd most likely be using Motion Capture rather then straight CGI in an interview right after comic con, I thought I read about that here though. But yes, now that you mention it I am a bit   clairvoyant -_o
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Wildstorm and Zuda announcement went out over a month ago, as did the announcement of Mark wearing the motion capture suit.

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This is really all about how she survived  ragnarok I think.

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I didn't know anyone was saying anything nice about what JRJR and bendis were doing lol

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For old times sake a friend and I drove a little ways away to a Holiday Inn that still has this game. (Even though I own it as a download on my MBP) And we, just as back in the day, beat the whole thing on 25 cents each lol   
All in all I think we played through the whole game 5 times in about 2 hours haha

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I surprised that when they put it against the highest rated dramas on network TV, and it was still ranked #3-4 ever week, that they canned it. They put this show right up against House and 24 (the last season of 24) which are the highest rated dramas that night on Network TV or otherwise, and were surprised when it didn't come in at #1?  It never came in at #1, and most of us fans were pretty big fans of S3 and S4, it wasn't meant to be anything more then that guilty pressure show, and it was good at that. NBC has no top ranked dramas, TV guide I think it was, was saying that Heroes was their 5th highest rated drama. That's pretty bad. NBC seemed to always try to kill the show with moving it all over without warning and always putting it against the big shows, I would've loved to have seen what it could've done if te new heads of the network had supported it beyond S1. 

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Most of the time in the X-Books at least those they recruit are awful fighters that they end up recusing from something then spending a large amount  training.