The Many Styles of Havok/Alex Summers

Havok has always been my favorite Summers Bros. And one thing I've noticed he has changed looks many times, it seems almost more so then those around him.. So this begs the question, what's your favorite suit? Besides the current one, I also like the one from Mutant X quite a bit. Sound off, what do you think?

I'm sure there's more (there are) but these are some I pulled up from online. Like I said MX and The Current one are my favorites, how about you?

Posted by xerox_kitty

They're all a variation on the same theme. 

Posted by danhimself

I liked his brother hood suit...third from the left

Posted by Joe Venom

Here's another one:

Posted by John Valentine

His current and his X-Factor one are my favorites.

Posted by PrinceIMC

My favorite is the Mutant X suit, the second picture there. Though it being Alex maybe he should have a jacket, then its not just a big body sock.

Posted by Vance Astro
@John Valentine said:
" His current and his X-Factor one are my favorites. "
Posted by jefprice
@xerox-kitty: So is everyone else though. Cyclops, Beast, whoever they all have their own theme.
Posted by MrMiracle77

Ah, the power of concentric circles.

Posted by pixelized

I loved his X-Factor outfit... everyone in X-Factor was dressed well, but i could do without his current getup 

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@jefprice: Beasts theme is 'how do you dress an over-grown cat'.  There's not really much he could do with that.  Havok has spent the best part of 40 years wearing a black cat-suit with his own powers causing a circular motif.  I'm just saying that after all that time he might want to change his look every now & then.  But hey... it kept Lorna interested :p

But only Maddie was mad enough to love the Goblyn Prince :p
Posted by Grendel

Prelate Summers is his best look. That eye tat rocks.

Posted by Kurrent

Besides the current this is my fave

Posted by Th3 FlAsH 123


Posted by Lady Tlieso

The current one

Posted by Citizen 14

Hmm. Probably the current one.

Posted by Havok2048

Havok is a man of style

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Current, Mutant X and Brotherhood suits