Mutant X

I'm a big fan of the Mutant X run, I'd love to see them do something new with it. What do you think? With all the First Class stories and all the throw backs going on right now, it seems that this is one title often overlooked. What kind of thing could they do with it? What would you like to see happen with Mutant X? Should they bring it back or should let it go.... As an added topic, who was your favorite in the MX Books?

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Posted by John Valentine

Marvel should reprint it in trade format.

Posted by sora_thekey

hmmm..... Mutant X: First Class
not bad!

I wouldn't mind reading that title!
The only thing is that it would have to be rated T so it would be like the original Mutant X stories...

Posted by jefprice

I was thinking they had a TPB out with it, but I may be wrong. 

Posted by jefprice
@sora_thekey: Well most of the books out now (save first class) are around the teen level. I like that idea. MXFC would make a decent read, I'm thinking something like what they're doing with Gen X would work too.
Posted by Korg
@John Valentine said:
" Marvel should reprint it in trade format. "
Yes they should.
Posted by ithinkitwasyou

My favorite character in the title was fallen. I Actually loved this series, and as I understand it, the series originally wasn't suppose to be longer than 12 issues, and one annual for a total of 13 issues, but it was Very well received. unfortunately though it seemed as though the writer's didn't know what to do after the goblin Queen, so the writing did seem to be a bit all over the place, and the art inconsistent with the series, but none the less, I loved it. If the series were to be revisited I would like to see how the remaining heroes on earth managed to get along after most of them were killed by the Beyonder and Dracula.