writers and artist I would want to work with before I die !

writers and artist I wish that one day I would get the chance to work with on almost any one comic title or web comic title or even a graphic novel just once before i DIE !
but you may say only in my dreams you silly web cartoonist dream teams on a projects are only for seasoned vets and up and coming newbies who are already doing comics for the big two . 
well this is my list of people who I would die to work with on any comic project they may have in mind . ( this counts for ongoing titles -uncanny x-men , batman , detective comics , action comics ,amazing spider-man etc. ) or one -shots or graphic novels ( Dark Knight Returns , Wanted , Kick-Ass , Hell boy  etc) or mini -series or web comics  ( freak angels or my current new title the Valkyrie quartet ) or something of their own creations ! my delusion of grandeur if you will . now don't let me spoil that for you now please look and see for your self the awesomeness of  the writers and artist who I would kill to work with ....and the players are ....

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