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@hulk99 said:

@jedixman: That's precisely why it's impossible to be omnipotent. Because everything will always be limited by the world of logic. Nothing can go beyond that, so nothing can be omnipotent.

If you can, by definition, do anything, then you can easily defy physics. I can do anything, therefore I say that paradoxes do not exist.

Physics are humanity's attempts to explain the universe. At the end of the day, physics as we know them could be torn to the ground by some new discovery. It is a human concept.

@hulk99 said:

@kyrees: You are once again wrong. Human beings did not create logic. Human beings discovered logic. Logic is not man-made. There is no such thing as "human logic." Logic was not created by man, it was discovered by man. There is no "higher form of logic." Omnipotence is impossible because we can only do logical things.

Logic and numbers are concepts only. They have meaning as long as we give them meaning. Logic and math were, indeed, created by man to understand the complexities of a universe that is still complicated the unexplored. Despite everything we've done, we still barely know anything about the universe.

This isn't hard to comprehend. You're the only one in this thread struggling to prove everyone wrong; you never will. You are too bound by simple understandings of the universe to the point that you cannot grasp the idea of the unknown and unexplained.

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Only advice I can give you is this: Do multiplication tables. It's a pain, and it's boring. Later, however, you won't rely on a calculator. Learn to do things in your head.

I hated math as a kid, but I started to like aspects of it in college.

What part of algebra do you dislike?

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"I wаs surprisеd bесаusе thаt’s thе thеsis оf Supеrmаn fоr mе, thаt yоu саn’t just hаvе supеrhеrоеs knосk аrоund аnd hаvе thеrе bе nо соnsеquеnсеs,. Thеrе аrе оthеr supеrhеrо mоviеs whеrе thеy jоkе аbоut hоw bаsiсаlly nо оnе’s gеtting hurt. Thаt’s nоt us."

I actually agree with this idea.

I don't mind Man of Steel. The only problem I had was Jonathan Kent.

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Galactus easily wins

Don't bump banned threads.

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@dernman said:

You can't have omnipotence. Omnipotence is mine. You can have impotence.

You'll have to fight me for it.

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@jedixman said:

A being of true omnipotence has unlimited control over what we describe as "reality." No rules, logical or illogical, have power over you. If I were omnipotent, I would be able to create something that would ordinarily be a paradox, but would no longer be a paradox. I decide that the rules of the universe mean that 2 + 2 = anything I want, and it would make sense because reality says that it makes sense (based on my power). I create a thing that is both a 3D cube and a 2D circle. I create a being stronger than myself while I remain superior. I can create a scenario where I simultaneously follow all rules and defy all rules. There is no paradox, and there is no contradiction - they just are, because reality conforms to my whim, not the other way around.

I want to be that guy you're describing.

As do I, man...

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@hulk99 said:

@johnnyz256: @kyrees: @jedixman: All of you are wrong and have proven my point. Something can only exist if it's logical

Wrong. To debate omnipotence acknowledges all that omnipotence includes, which is the power to do anything. There are no limits. "Logic" means absolutely nothing.

Logic is for people who are limited and are not omnipotent. If one is omnipotent, they decide what is logical. Logic is decided by universal laws; if you are omnipotent, you decide what those laws are, you can remove them, and you can simultaneously follow all laws and no laws, because those are your limits - nothing.

There's no debate, here, and just saying "wrong" over and over again doesn't mean a thing. An omnipotent being can make any contradiction, and they cease to be contradictions.

Remove the word "logic" from your vocabulary - a vocabulary consisting of symbols given meaning only because we give them meaning. Such concepts do not belong in a discussion regarding omnipotence.

@hulk99 said:

Omnipotence is defined as the ability to do absolutely anything in any way you wish. This is not possible to do because it defies logic

"The ability to do anything in any way I wish." Well, I decide that it is logical, and therefore it is. It is both illogical and logical simultaneously. 1 + 1 = infinity because I deem it so. I have the power to do anything I want, and it is so. I want to be a contradiction and not be a contradiction, and it is so. I want to see a single cat both alive and dead, while being observed and not observed, while existing and not existing, while never being born and living forever, while being fictitious and existing in the flesh, while being the size of an atom and being the size of the universe - and it is so.

To be omnipotent is to be above all laws.

@hulk99 said:

To put it simply: Because anything that exists can only commit logical actions, it's impossible to be omnipotent because nothing can ever be capable of commiting something which is illogical. This is precisely why there is no omnipotent entity that exists in reality.

Nope. An omnipotent being is not restricted by logic, as I have said. You have no argument.

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cesare borgia?

Now, if you genuinely knew that without looking it up, I'll be impressed.

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  1. Neil Gaiman
  2. Grant Morrison
  3. Alan Moore
  4. Mark Millar
  5. Gail Simone / Chris Yost / Craig Kyle (undecided)

In that order.