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@frozen said:

@swils94: Bourne did have resources - that's the point, he acquired them through any means necessary and killed the best trained assassins / killers in the world. Hit-Girl beat up relatively well trained (and that's an if) gangsters. Bourne is much more tactical - and it's clear that he faced a higher level threat, he had no choice but to be a master strategist.

Two different ballparks.

Wonder what @jedixman thoughts on this.

Sorry, I don't know anything about the Bourne series.

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Why fear what you can embrace?

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@mtuske said:

@jedixman: Do you have any proof Loki could dodge them even at speeds shown in films from 50ft away. Do you have any proof they wouldn't put him on his back (at least).

Please do not answer a question with a question; poor debating habits. You made a claim, which has been challenged by myself among others - back it up with some evidence and feats.

But, to appease you: Loki has dodged people with whom he was fighting at close range by using illusions (he did this to Frost Giants, Coulson, Thor, and many others) - he is certainly capable at long range. Coulson's blast, which has more destructive force than what Cyclops has demonstrated, did nothing more than knock Loki back - he escaped very quickly after. Also, the OP specifies that all combatants are aware of their opponents' abilities, and so, Loki is perfectly capable of just starting with illusions. No, this will not aid Cyclops, since his illusions have fooled people with far more experience dealing with Loki (like Thor). Cyclops' blasts do not have a wide enough radius to hit everything in the area, since Cyclops' feats without his visor are still straight beams, not a wide beam.

@mtuske said:

Do you have any proof while Loki is down Wolverine would not be able to decapitate him.

If you are going to reuse the phrase ("do you have any proof," which you are doing as a parody of me), at least use it in the proper context; this statement doesn't make sense. Also, this is not what we are discussing. I have not argued that Wolverine cannot cut Loki - I am arguing that Cyclops is not enough to solo Loki, which is what you are arguing:

@mtuske said:

Besides 50ft apart Cyclops solos as well in an epic stomp. Loki can't hope to dodge at that distance.

So, by bringing up Wolverine, you are admitting that you were wrong in your initial statement. If you are not admitting that, then stick to your statement and only argue for Cyclops. If you are, then I don't care, because I am not arguing against Wolverine right now.

@mtuske said:

If the distance was further like I said I'd take Loki all day I just don't see how he can react that fast and still come up with a plan.

If Loki can react to Hawkeye's arrow from a rather sizable distance without moving his head or flinching, he can react to something that he knows is coming (which he does, since the OP specifies that they know each others' powers).

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@bo88gdan said:
@jacthripper said:

@bo88gdan: I don't remember Telepathy or reality warping, so they can't win against Shaw, his ability was crazy hax

I think that Shaw would get overloaded with power

Shaw was in the process of absorbing a nuclear reactor - he only stopped when he was interrupted. But he showed no signs of reaching any limits.

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@mtuske said:

@jedixman: technically I did both. I know about the character and this is movie Cyclops and his beams are too fast for movie Loki to dodge.

Do you have any evidence to suggest that movie Cyclops' beams are faster than 616 Cyclops? Do you have any proof that they are in any way comparable to the damage that movie Loki has withstood (Coulson's gun, Hawkeye's explosive arrow, Hulk's beating - all without a scratch)?

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Can they kill Shaw?

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Mismatch. Rorschach has absolutely no way to hurt the Blob.

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@frozen said:

In all honesty Walt was quite weak.

Oh, certainly. He was in two-three fist fights with Jesse, and he was on the losing end of those fights.

Actually, Jesse is probably a better combatant overall than Walt. First, he can take a beating. Second, he was fast enough and accurate enough to kill a cartel henchman as he, Gus, and Mike made their escape. So, right there, we have a better combat feat than anything Walt has ever done.

Walt is all about prep, and as I said, almost every success he ever had came down to environmental advantage or pure luck.

As much as I hate to say it, I have to give this to Chris. However, Hank, Mike, either cousin, or even Jesse should be able to beat Chris.

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@mtuske said:

@jedixman: I asked for a mod just to say I'm not trolling.

Technically, you asked a mod to verify whether or not you were stating facts.

You can call the Mods if you want and ask them if they think I'm trolling or stating facts.

Please do research on characters. View the battles forum as a learning experience.

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From what I can tell, Casey Jones is far superior to anybody from Kick-Ass; the TMNT universe just has a higher bar.