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Kyle stomps. Because, why not?

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@jedixman said:

It's a complicated question, but in general, I lean toward "no."

The cynical one has spoken!!

We see the world as bleak, so you don't have to.

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Blueberry or strawberry pancakes, but it's usually lunch / brunch for me. I rarely eat breakfast.

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Could go either way. But I want to say Jacen, for the sole reason that I want the two strongest Sith Lords to be stronger than the two strongest Jedi for reasons I have not yet determined.

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It's a complicated question, but in general, I lean toward "no."

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Doesn't matter as long as the story is good.

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Then I suggest reading them again. Link to Battle Forum rules.

Manga / Anime Vs Comic Threads are ALLOWED

These types of threads were once banned but brought back. These types of battles can however be banned once again if this rule is mistreated. However, due to the flame wars that inevitably arise in DBZ vs comics threads, these particular types of threads are not allowed. Other anime vs comics threads are permitted.

The exception is:

DBZ VS Comics/Manga Threads are BANNED

Due to the childish nature of some users and amount of flame wars that have been started since unbanning anime, it has been decided by the battle mods that DBZ VS Comics/Manga threads are here on out banned. We have decided that anime in general is still allowed. We have seen plenty of threads with anime characters that have had perfectly respectable and reasonable debates, but with 90% of DBZ threads ending in flame wars and insults due to some fans and some comic users, Dragonball, DBZ, DBGT VS Comics/Manga threads are now against the rules. Comics, anime / manga, video games, movies, cartoons / television shows, or adaptations from any of the aforementioned, may not be paired up against Dragonball, DBZ, DBGT, or any other piece of the Dragonball franchise.

But, it does not have to be permanent. Very much alike the original anime ban, this could be lifted when we feel it is appropriate. Until then, however, we feel this is for the best.

Challenge a Viner threads or the tourney matches CAN include a DBZ character VS a comic book or manga character outside of the Dragonball Universe. The reason for that is those types of threads are contained between two users and are generally handled much better and in a much more respectable way between said users. It's only the open threads that are generally the problem.

DBZ vs DBZ battles should be OK due to them being in the same universe and much easier to avoid combusting. But once again, I will say this could be as easily taken away. Don't ruin this.

PM me if you have questions.

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Need feats for Sebastian.

Feats for Walter:

  • Casually dodging bullets fired by ghouls.
  • Casually blocks / deflects bullets from artificial vampires, while counter-attacking. Hands were behind his back most of the time.
  • Casually dodges and kills Yumi in one shot; she's dead before she realizes it (post-Millennium)
  • Casually sliced a building in half (post-Millennium)
  • Casually dodges and deflects shots fired by Alucard (post-Millennium)
  • One-shots the hellhound, Baskerville, who devoured Luke Valentine (post-Millennium)
  • Makes Luke Valentine into a puppet (post-Millennium)
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Read the rules.

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@burnface said:

Do you have a quote for that Y wing feat? Didnt he also stop an out or control ship he was in while it was in space?

Didn't get the notification, and I have it but I'm too lazy to get it right now. lol

@jedixman has it, though.

I'm just as lazy as you. I read this post last night and was like, "... eh... I'll do it later."

Here ya go. Jacen casually manipulates a Y-Wing.

Jacen reached out and pulled a handful of air toward him. Simultaneously the Y-wing’s ion jet pods skidded backward across the duracrete, sending up showers of sparks, just until the starfighter’s nose slid off the barrier and crashed to the ground, facing directly into the duracrete.

Then he added a twisting motion, and the Y-wing rotated along its long axis, crashing onto the taxiing strip upside down.

-- Taken from: Legacy of the Force: Betrayal