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@jedixman: Hehehe, JXM you seem salty. Back when I had a computer that actually worked, I had a light side Sith Zabrak character in TOR. It seemed right to me that he was kind of born into the world of a Sith, and didn't really have an option on which path to initially choose, but was actually a good person. Y'know? Like, if he wasn't born a slave on Korriban, he would've been a Jedi. I always really liked my character. I think there are some instances where a light side Sith can totally work.

And yet, regardless, he gets the title of "Darth" in the end after all of his light acts.

That. Is. Dumb.

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Gravid comes to mind. Lumiya thought that Vectivus "walked the line," but I was always skeptical.

Just so we're clear: you really can't be a "light side Sith." That's why I hate that SWTOR makes that an option -_-

Darth Gravid and Sajar.

See? This. This bullcrap is what I'm talking about -_-

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@jedixman: But then, Nihilus uses a one-handed style, which not all characters do. Granted, that hardly has to do with Ataru, but still.

Off-topic, but his fighting style reminds me of Darth Malak.

True. Both were large in size (except somehow Malak... shrunk).

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@penderor: Not sure. I thought his lightsaber style was one-handed and aggressive, and in game you see acrobatics. Looks more like Ataru.

Nihilus actually knows lightsaber styles? O_o

Joking aside, it could be Ataru. But his movements shouldn't be any indicator, since every melee character in the game can use the same animations: power attack, simple attack, critical, and flurry. Can those be attributed to lightsaber styles? I guess, but the game doesn't indicate that to be the case. It's been awhile, but I don't believe the lightsaber stances actually changed in-game animations during combat.

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@jedixman: also out of curiousity where do you think tyreese would fit in?

Can't say; we haven't seen him in many 1-on-1 fights. He's also not a brutal person; he doesn't like to hurt others. That's a factor.

Rick beating on Tyreese does not count; Tyreese wasn't fighting back, and Rick was "bloostlusted."

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@jedixman: IIRC Merle had been beaten up by two of the governor's men when the governor beat hin

Was he? I don't recall. I remember the Governor biting Merle's fingers off.

I still think that Michonne > Merle, though.

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Backing Daryl here.

Also, just based on what we've seen:

Michonne > Governor > Daryl > Rick > Merle > Shane.

It fluctuates, but Michonne is the only person to beat the Governor in a 1-on-1 fight. Governor beat Rick and Merle in a straight fight. Yes, Merle was drunk, but it was still a brutal fight. Also worth noting: Michonne, even wounded, was doing well against Merle when he was sober.

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It's on hiatus, but probably over.

Why did you bother to bump this, though?