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Well, if they go with the five original X-men, it would have to be disconnected from the first movie. Only Charles, Hank, Scott and Jean's involvement in that first team hasn't been cancelled out by the existing X-Men movies. As most of you know, given the story the movies have provided, Bobby (though the youngest) was too young to have been involved, and Warren didn't show up at Xavier's until "Last Stand". 
If they stick with the present storyline and just do "First Class" as a connected prequel, I imagine Ororo will fill one spot. At first, James was my second guess, but after thinking on it a bit more, I realized that it's pretty clear that Charles had only officially met him in the first movie, so that would be a little too sketchy. All the other staples (who showed up later in canon), like Kitty, Piotr, Kurt, etc., were either newer students or just introduced in past films. Maybe they could play off some other unused character as having been one of the first, but I'm not sure who that would be or who I'd really want to see in that Psylocke, who was apparently in "Last Stand". But, I don't even want to get into that. Not to mention Emma Frost who was completely pissed on in "Origins: Wolverine"...UGH!!!
The only way to really be a true "First Class" would, of course, be the route of rebooting the franchise. That would be awesome. But, then I'd want all new cast members. The characters would need to be younger anyways, so it would be more advantageous to go that way. So, yeah...reboot, please.

That opens up another (seemingly random) can of worms...I really hope they don't put Captain America in the first Avengers movie. That's all I'm saying.
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No, please. No, no, no.   
Kara is one of my all-time favorite characters...I'll (mentally) die if she's portrayed badly and/or out of character. 
But, if Taylor does get the part...I really hope she'll rock it.      
Oh, and they'll definitely need to take a flat iron to that girl's head.    
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I vote for Lena Headley!!!
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I really hope this doesn't become a big racial issue. I don't believe the problem is or that it will ever be that Wonder Woman is white and that Beyonce is black...simply for the sake of racism. I mean, when it all comes down to it...Nick Fury didn't seem to mind...and most of the rest of us didn't care either.
But, clearly, as far as comic books are concerned, Wonder Woman IS a woman that appears to be caucasian and has black hair and I think that the character should be cast as such. I mean, you wouldn't really wanna see Black Cat played by a woman with red's not ABOUT the red hair, it's about the fact that the character has platinum hair and you'd expect to see that because it's's part of why you recognize the character.       

I think the real problem (for me, anyways) is that Beyonce has a sort of energy that she puts off in every bit of film she's ever been in so far. Diana Prince has a certain personality that is really nothing like the personality that Beyonce exudes. I just don't think that Beyonce is really capable of that particular role as an actress. She doesn't have much range. 
That being said, I love Beyonce and I think she's a fantastic singer and performer, but as far as acting goes, she seems to play the same person everytime...and that is "Beyonce". 
I'll still see the movie, even if she does get the part...and I'll go in hoping to see her pull it off and well.  
*crosses fingers*
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...and Norman Osborn is a lunatic in an extremely powerful position. Sometimes things don't work out the way we expect.
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Honestly, I've never really liked Stephanie. She always seemed to be a wanna-be who tried too hard. I haven't read much about her lately. Has she matured at all? I'm not as interested in her costume as I am in her level of ability. My biggest problem is with her apparent obsession with taking up the mantle of others. I think she needs to just get back in her Spoiler costume...or come up with something that is "hers".
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Michelle Pfeiffer!!!    
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