Gambit vs Captain America

Not a bad fight in my opinion, however there seems to be some confusion now as to whether or not Gambit can charge organic material. It was earlier shown and stated, he could. Gambit himself makes the claim after charging Sebastian Shaw, and then we see him do it again when he charges Daken. But now here comes the Cap throw down and well, you'll read ;)

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

I'm going with Cap...

YEAH!!! AMERICA!!! Say that after Cap does anything cool.

Posted by Ruvik_

WOW That was a bad ass fight.

Posted by God_Spawn

I just recently heard these AvX Versus books were non-canon to the main AvX series and said so in a QnA at the back of one of the issues so I think we can overlook the fight.Even if it that is true it still kind of irked me that they couldn't at least be politically correct with Gambit's powers. Along with charging Shaw and Daken, he has that instance of charging his own fist against Ms. Sinister and in X-Men Volume 3 issue 10 when Gambit was turned into a lizard like creature, he grabbed a smaller lizard with his tail, charged it and threw it. It's a 4:1 ratio, I don't see why McNiven couldn't have just been correct about it or played off the Cap comment with Gambit saying "as far as you know." or something like that?

Posted by captainpojoe

I don't know cap is pretty cool but people don't give gambit enough credit.... I think gambit could win this one

Posted by waezi2

No way, hes Cap FREAKING America! He took Iron Man down!

Posted by JoeEddie

Gambit should have won this. Really did not like that the writers had Gambit charging Cap's shield and nothing happens to it. Was New Son unable to charge Cap's shield when he destroyed everything on the planet?

Posted by OmegaHans

Good ol' Cap has taken on far more dangerous guys and won the day.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

AvX fun facts...

Including those to these pages is funny, but if I`d want to read about how fast Cap can run, I would buy "Guide to Marvel-universe".

Posted by thespideyguy

you practically uploaded the whole comic online isn't that illegal

Posted by spiderpool94

cap would win, kinda like to see gambit win though

Posted by HellionVulcan

To me they made Gambits power look weak to a point where i doubt it can recover as that explosion should've ended the fight or not happened at all as a proper hand to hand encounter would've been fine enough for me instead of what we got instead .

Posted by Luster77

Gambit should have won this fight or at least took it to a stalemate. Cap is chemically at peak of human performance and Gambit is bio kinetically charged energy giving him speed, some super strength and agility. Yeah, this fight wasn't plotted out properly.

Posted by Xanni15

Well, this battle sucked. Guess they gotta keep Cap on top by any means necessary.