Blackest Night: Teen Titans #78

  Teen Titans: Blackest Night #78 picks up directly where issue number 77 left off, with the Wilson Family "Battle Royal" in full swing. Beginning with a small, yet surprisingly detailed recap of Jericho's journey thus far. Personally I've never been a fan of this character and sadly, this issue does little to change that. Having said that, there are some interesting developments that occur do to Jericho's ability to transfer himself into another person's mind. An ability that was previously thought lost when deadly mercenary known as Vigilante, gruesomely removed his eyes. ( Vigilante #6: Deathtrap Conclusion)

In one of the flashback panels we see that Jerhico is no longer as helpless as previously believed, and survives an initial attack perpetrated by his dead brother, Grant Wilson (now a Black Lantern). Fast forwarding the story continues with Deathstroke, Ravager (Rose Wilson), and Jericho, locked in an epic confrontation with several former family members including Jerhico's mother Adeline Kane, and Deathstroke's former mentor Wintergreen. Rose and Jericho battle the two former Ravager's ( Wade DeFarge, and Grant Wilson) and appear to be losing. Rose is filled with fear until her father, Deathstroke, drops down through a hole in the floor to save the day. To be honest this was one of my favorite panels. Instantly Rose is filled with love, which is strange seeing as how in the last issue she was there to kill him. Seems no matter what Slade does Rose cannot help but to love him.

As you might expect Deathstroke is not filled with love, at least not yet. He's filled with "will" and "rage" and is not playing around. Creating enough space and opportunity to usher his kids into his "panic room" which is stocked full of weapons and monitors. It is in this room that Rose makes a comment about Deathstroke having another "hitlist" to which he responds, "Its not what you think." Could this be a subtle hint pertaining to Deathstroke's new " Teen Titans?" Could the list of names be possible candidates for his new and improved team? Keep an eye out.

I am not going to spoil the whole issue but there is a "holy sh!t" moment towards the end. One that I am sure will have Deathstroke fans wanting more. All in all I'd give this issue around a 3 out of 5. It wasn't the greatest comic but it did leave you with a cliff hanger and some deep character development. Expect to see a new side of the DCU's most methodical mercenary.
Posted by Nighthunter

loved this issue. JT. Krul should get either of the two titans titles

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I must say this was a pleasant surprise