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Other choices

Emily Rios

Natalie Martinez

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Damm I regret giving up on this show near the end of season 1. It's gonna be difficult for me to catch up now.

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This felt like a comic aimed at people in their mid 20s. The only thing missing from Barbara is a her carrying a bag with a small dog in it and why do I get the feeling someone close to her is gonna have a sex tape? I don't think I am gonna like all the references to social media and Babs rooming with another bisexual chick of color. I don't read BoP so I dont know why her and Black Canary aren't friends anymore but I also dont care.

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If this Green Arrow is gonna be more like the TV show, then what is the point of the Arrow comics?

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@brione said:

These take forever to load now. They used to load instantly, did you guys change something? It's not my computer/internet connection either. Don't get me wrong, I love checking out the Awesome Art Picks every week, but I hope it's fixed so that the pics load like they used to.

Thought it was just me.

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Clara comes off a bit conceited with the whole "you defer to me from know on" speech she gave Boo. Yeah I know he hates that nickname but I cant spell his full name so what. He's been there much longer and could actually offer some advice for her but not if he is told to defer everything to her authority. Did anyone notice Zeke's change in hair color near the end or was it just me.

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I like how they got Bats and the Riddler in a roof top pose that's awfully familiar looking.

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Ok I have a question. So Cap is being accused of murder right? Didn't someone state in the issue that murder had a statue of limitations? That cant be right.

The art is awful, I would read it since it's getting so much praise but I can't get past the artwork. It's like listening on just because it has the best lyrics despite the music being the worst ever.

This should have been said three months ago. The art then was horrible. I actually like this art... to an extent.

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Why do I get the feeling either Alana or Marko aren't long for the world of the living?

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I was hoping for an EMH wasp style haircut, then i realized how silly that would look in live action.

Along with the antenna that look like Beats By Dre headphones.