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I preferred Marcos Martin alternate GoTG cover to the regular cover:

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I read this again about two weeks ago, it was awesome being able to read it all the way through without stopping (except for eating and sleeping and such)!

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@SmashBrawler: Well like I said my info on Clark and Lois almost totally comes from a handful of Golden and Silver age comics, a few Modern ones and then New 52. So I figured there was a chance that I could be wrong.

There was also cartoons and movies but I figured they weren't exactly canon.

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@kennyshat said:

I always liked the idea of the two of them together. Then again, I never really liked Lois much. She always seemed to be pushing Clark off to the side. Given that I identified with Clark a lot more than I identified with Kal-El, I never liked how dismissive Lois tended to be of him.

I never really liked Lois either, I always felt she just snubbed Clark and was only interested in him when she knew he was Superman. But then again I didn't read much of Superman pre-New 52, so I may have the "wrong end of the stick".

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@Captain Cascader: The design looks awesome! Especially if we get to decide between a light and dark theme like before.

A couple minor things I would say is I think it'd be cool if the elements in the top area weren't so rounded (the search area and avatar), and if the play button was green or black. But that may just be my personal preference.

It'd be awesome as well if we could decide if the background image on our profile pages were repeating or fixed, but it's not a big deal.

Looking forward to the new theme!

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Glad Saga is on here, I thought was an awesome cover!

@DarkKnightDetective: That's awesome! I'm considering picking it up just for that cover.

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I want to get this, but I'm already getting TDKR Batman and Bane figures, which will set me back a fair few pennies.

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I really started collecting comics a couple years back and my collection now has gotten to the point where I need to seriously consider a new way of keeping/storing them. So to help me come up with something, I thought it might be a good idea to check out other people's collections. I also thought it might be be cool for people to share their collections and setups just for the fun of it.

I looked for a topic like this but couldn't find one (if there is one and I didn't see it, sorry), so I decided to make one.

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@kagato: I like TDK, I prefer it to Detective, but the Red Lanterns issues I've read have been pretty sucky.