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English Bets - Rachel Weisz

Japanese body Bets - Michelle Yeoh (especially in The Days of Future Past timeline)

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I'd stick with Ellen Page. I think she's a perfect fit for the character, she just needs to be giving a far better role is all.

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Oh man, what a poor decision to release it in 2015. Why not release it in 2016, Warner Bros.? You will make so much more money not competing with The Avengers.

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Maria Hill taking over the Coulson role (being in different MCU movies in a small role), and with Joss' creative input with The Winter Soldier being inevitable, I really hope we get to see some set up for Hill's dislike for capes and her taking over as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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@Bitchgurl said:

REALLY loved X-Force, and hate to see it end-esp.since it doesn't NEED to.

But that's what makes the ending so important. End it before people get fed up with it or before it runs stale. Uncanny X-Force has been, in my opinion, the best comic book series in years by either Marvel or DC. It makes sense to end it on a high note.

Plus, these two new X-Forces sound awesome! Very on-the-run in a post AvX world when the Avengers are hogging all the limelight. I actually am warming to the idea of some X-Men being classed as 'villains'.

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@Outside_85 said:

Hmm, while it might turn out good, it does sound a little too much like concept of the original Teen Titans (as in a younger version of an older team)...and that only became really good once it moved away from that idea.

But like I said, it might be good (just annoying the AA kids have either vanished or stuffed in a meatgrinder :S)

Young Avengers has been around for years though, and has proved that the characters are far more than younger versions of The Avengers.

This is the best news that Marvel Now! has to offer.

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@Joygirl said:

I liked the bathing suit. :( She looks like she belongs in the golden age now.

See, that's what I love so much about it. It looks instantly classic; the costume she should have always worn. The black Warbird outfit with the lightning bolt was bold and powerful as a female costume, but this one looks more like an iconic superhero outfit. I see the teaser for A+X and am awed by Captain Marvel's inclusion rather than, "another chick in a bathing suit".

@daedalus25 said:

@Whirlnami_Heroes said:

The Ms. Marvel costume that Moonstone used was Lovely.

That was Carol's original costume, and even that would have been greatly preferred to what she's wearing now. At least the current sales trend is a good sign:

Ms. Marvel #3 (2006) - 54th - 43,031 estimated sales.

Captain Marvel #3 (2012) - 89th - 27,649 estimated sales.

Issues 1 and 2 were similarly disparate. Hopefully Marvel eventually recognizes that Ms. Marvel in her iconic black and gold costume was what the majority of Carol's fans wanted.

You do realise that the average sales for the series won't make Marvel think, "Dang! We shouldn't have changed her costume!" They'll think, "Dang! We shouldn't have given a female character a solo book! Ah well, back into the cannon fodder team roster she goes."

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That's such a simple question.

The Dark Angel Saga.

Imagine quality animation, the right voice actors, and Remender and Opena's work would look sensational.

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One Development from Avengers vs. X-Men:

Cyclops was right and Captain America is a hypocritical dump turnip.

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I'm just waiting for the "Killers" teaser to be a relaunched core X-Force, with Psylocke in command.