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I have a large TPB collection (200+ books) and thats how I support the industry. 
I find being able to download comics as a very good way to decide what I will buy when books do become available as TPBs.

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@mr.obvious said:

I really really really really REALLY want this movie to be good, but I dunno...

I have high hopes for this too.
The only thing that I worried about is this "galactus from FF RotSS" vibe I'm getting with parralax
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This movie is looker better and better with every new preview.

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I read Thor a few years back when it there was a number 1 issue released with it being drawn by JRJr and it was good.
I did read the beginning of this series as well and I thought it was even better.
I stopped after about 10 issues and  think I'll get back into it soon.

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I've been pronouncing it like atrocity as well.
A-Tra-sit-us ... ;)
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I didnt think i'd like digital comics at first but they did grow on me.
I really like being able to sit down away from my comp and relax while reading an issue or TPB.
But since I dont have a lot of cash to spend on comics i looked into d/ling books and I've been getting CBZs & CBRs from various places for a while now.
I know its not really the best thing for the industry to not be paying for books but I still do support the industry as much as I can by buying TPBs if I really like a certain storyline.
I also will look for TPBs at the library instead of d/ling books.
I really hope that the periodicals dont go out of print.
Another thing thats good about having digital comics is that they save you a lot of space over having multiple long boxes or bookshelves.

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I think the first couple years were in continuity but I stopped reading after that so I dont know exactly when it split off.
All of Jeph Loeb's issue are in continuity.

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I think I've read all of them so far.
They've been pretty good.
There's just one book (The Bronx Kill) which I didnt like. 
The art really put me off so when I saw that the story wasnt your standard comic book fare (a novel inside the comic) I just didnt feel as though it was interesting enough.
 I liked the first one so much I bought it.
The others I've been able to get at the library.
The next one (The Executor) comes out on May 19 and I cant wait to get it. 
 Whats everyone else's thought on this new imprint?

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I cant wait for issue 3 myself.
I'm really liking this story and after issue 2 it looks like the stories are getting closer to each in timeframe.
Only maybe 10 or 15 years apart now.

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