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@jboncha: Yes! Another convert! I am absolutely loving these Vertigo Crime books, I don't have a favorite so far but Area 10 is freshest in my mind. I love how it (and The Chill) mix supernatural in with the whole FBI vs. Serial Killer idea. Makes it more original then what you'll find on every television channel these days.
And I think you'll enjoy The Bronx Kill, I thought the art worked but it's a great story, leaves you guessing up until the end. Some very messed up stuff but nothing supernatural like Area 10. All in all, these are epic stories and I'm excited for the next book coming in May: The Executor.
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I've been liking all these books.
When I first heard about the imprint I was pretty excited.
I bought Filthy Rich as soon as I could.
It kinda takes the place of 100 Bullets for me now that its gone.
Especially since Azzarello kicked it off.  
OH.. I think its great that they're gonna publish the first fews as paperbacks later this year.

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I think Dark Entries was the first one I read, being a Constantine fan, but Filthy Rich was good too, it'd be nice to see Azzarello come back to a monthly book. And I personally wish ogn's would be released as hardcover/trade paperback simultaneously because as a general rule I prefer the trade paperback format and I don't like to wait a year all the time to get it.

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It would be great to see Eduardo Risso doing some art somewhere as well.
I dont have anything else of his but I loved his work on both 100 Bullets & Batman: Broken City.