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What perfect era we live in for a group of villains to be glorified. Makes you proud to be in America where one day people are scared to death they'll be shot in a theater by a terrorist who idolized Joker while watching a movie done by DC. They shouldn't be making a film where a group of semi-terrorist are the ones who save the day. WTF?

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Is it me or is Batman missing a neck?

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Kind of odd timing that Greece is currently having major economic issues and Marvel cast a non-Greek for a character who is, well, known for being as Greek as Wonder Woman.

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Brian K. Vaughun left Marvel because they were forcing him put the Runaways into the Earth-616 mega story. The creator of these "heroes" probably be very happy he's no longer associated with this one-company one-story crap.

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Why does Red Wolf look like a stereotypical Native American? I bet his powers will be magic or arrows like every other Native American that looks like him.

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@ambaryerno: So she's a daddy's girl unlike every other female mutant who has NO male predecessor.

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@deviousbastard: Dick Grayson is a man, not a woman, so your point in invalided to my argument.

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So if X-23 is now Wolverine does this mean she's just another female counterpart? It would be better if Marvel, like in the past, would make her her own character and not just some lame offshoot of her dominate male counterpart. She's probably one of the few female mutants who is a copy of a man unlike Jean Grey, Strom, Rouge, Psylocke, Sage, Dust, Dazzler, Jubilee, Mystique, and this list of mutant women with no male predecessors goes on.

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@xrs10: I agree with you and if the X-Men were too be dropped from the Marvel Universe it would be fictional genocide. They were/are the staple of Marvel's diversity. When you think of it they are the team that seemed more realistic and capture the idea there is no such thing as good/bad in life.

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I gave up reading Marvel and DC Comics once they started catering to the obnoxious I-don't-read movie goers. At least companies, like IDW or Image Comics, care more about the relationship between freewill and the creators behind the projects. May this explains why all other comics companies except the US and USSR (oops I mean Marvel and DC) are slowly taking the place as to-go for readers who want comic books not movie trash?