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didn't Logan actually felt the need to be the hero and save the world after the original Old Man Logan? he couldn't stand sitting on his hands after what the Hulk gang did to his family. so the "new" Logan in the Secret Wars OML is excellently portrayed as a continuation.

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what if...

... the Scarlet Witch screaming scene is the part where she releases her powers to create more "gifted" humans, as opposed to her ridding of mutants their powers in the comic books?

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@lightsout: well said. i am not the biggest superman fan, but i will always respect the blue boy scout for standing up to standards the world severely lacks.

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@drthanos91: eh? is that the finale? or will the male Thor continue his adventures using his god-killing axe Jarnbjorn instead? seems a waste to discontinue this awesome series.

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hey now. Remender has proven himself to be good in writing events and mixing various characters that had little interaction before. in him i trust.

if nothing else, i'm interested in seeing the grudge match of the century: Red Skull (who was a nazi and stole prof x's brain) vs Magneto (who was a nazi victim and rival/friend of prof x).

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I wish this movie will fail so horribly that Marvel can buy the license back at a cheap price.

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Regrading As for why he doesn't kill the Joker, I really do believe by Batman breaking his code, Joker would win.

If this is Batman's mindset then he's not looking at the big picture. Every moment the Joker lives countless lives are in danger.

We often hear, "Batman always wins." In Death of the Family, Batman "won." But what good has it done?

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@k4tzm4n said:

It's obviously not "realistic" and everyone knows TDKR has its flaws, but the trilogy strives to be more realistic than most comic book films. It's more than transparent Nolan's objective was to create a world without powers.

Then we can say that Nolan failed in his objective since in a sense, Iron Man is more realistic because a suit that gives enhanced strength, flight capability and advanced armament is well within the laws of physics (as shown in Michio Kaku's Physics of the Impossible). Wayne's capacity to heal with inappropriate and crude tools in TDKR is certainly not realistic. People not succumbing to disease while confined and crowded in closed space is not realistic. A bomb blast on the earth's surface that doesn't produce shock waves is not realistic. And so on.

The sooner people accept that Nolan's bat-verse is no more "realistic" than Iron Man's the easier it will be to accept Nolan's Batman standing among the more outrageously powered heroes of the DC universe.

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One of the many things that made Nolan's movieverse so exceptional was the fact it was grounded in reality.

i do not like how people say that of Nolan's Batman, especially DKR. it's the same as saying iron man is realistic because his ability to fly is consistent with newton's third law.

a man with what essentially is osteoarthritis puts on a brace for a short while is miraculously cured. cops who have been huddled together in the sewers deprived of fresh air and probably sat on their own filth emerged healthy and ready to fight after months of confinement. a nuclear weapon explodes in the sea but there's no tsunami or shock wave that hit the city afterwards. a broken back can be set right with crude slings and the man can do acrobatics a few months later. etc etc.

no, the Batman in DKR and how the natural laws operate around him are just as unrealistic as those in Marvel's movie-verse.

unfortunately, people seem to have fooled themselves into believing Nolan's Batman is "grounded in reality."

now they will have a hard time accepting their "realistic" Batman being incorporated in a wold where super powers exist.

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this is what i love about the x-books: there's actually character development and progression. i've been reading them since the late 80's and i am quite pleased that they are pushing the merry mutants in different directions. well done.

i think cyclops will eventually doom mutants if he continues on his course. the task of the younger cyke is to prevent that from happening, kinda like past xmen stories of preventing the future from happening, only, our present is the young x-men's future.

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