IDW Zombie Infestation

I know this is kinda old news but I just got wind of it.
Now to be honest, I'm not for these multiple title-crossover events. I mean, jeez, that Darkest Weekend / Brightest Night thing is still going on at DC, people are still buying that? You need a new comic box just to hold them all. However!... a crossover story event involving zombies invading G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Transformers AND the Ghostbusters worlds! I Reckon if IDW had only including Doctor Who my bowels may have exploded with excitement (yes, i did say 'excitement'). I haven't bought any U.S. single comics since the Marvelman mini-series but these are definately on my ebay shopping list.
Original news article from IDW and a Comic Vine post by ironshadow .

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman Century: 1969

Not sure if that will be cover or just a promotional thing but Century 1969 is looking very groovey baby. That must be Mina Harker with the flowery hair and I'm guessing thats Orlando on the left and youthful (thanks to 'that' fountain) Quatermain on the right.
Trying to think of what characters Moore and O’Neill can introduce in this book since I reckon most fictional characters from the era will be licenced. Dan Dare? Doctor Who? James Bond? Of course in the first 2 books 'The' Invisible man was licenced and so he was simply named 'an' invisible man.