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I had never actually heard of this character before today as I am not too familiar with Image comics., I saw on yahoo he may be getting his own movie.

I have picked up Alan Moore's run and figured I would start there. I hope to get back to you.

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Too cool

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As always, very groovy.

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To be honest I'm not too familiar with Deathstroke except for what I've seen here and there, but I may have to change that very soon.

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Been reading a lot of Batman lately, and with the my interest in the Arrow and Flash shows will be looking forward to this as well.

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They are both great in their own ways. For me the nostalgia of Phantasm and the dark story of Hood were both great!

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Ha, Ha! Quoted again, thanks Katzman!

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1. Hamill

2. Ledger

3. Hamill

4. I have to go Ledger with all of his knives and grenades he likes to keep in his coat

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I was seven years old when this movie came out and it absolutely changed my life and made me the obsessed comic fanboy I am today. I'm pretty sure I saw it at least three times while it was in the theaters and countless times since (I just watched it the other day on BBC America with my kids). I can still quote the movie from beginning to end. You ask why I love this movie and expect us to choose from only one reason. Impossible. This movie changed it all. It changed the way super-hero movies were viewed by the general populace and in my opinion they are still trying to reproduce the success of this movie.

Everything in this movie was brilliant, from the larger roles like Keaton and Nicholson to the smaller ones like Whul and Billy Dee the acting was great. Gough set the standard for what Alfred should be and kept his job throughout the entire series. The story was awesome and was very well directed by a then lesser known Burton, it made him famous and secured his status in Hollywood for years to come. The dark tone of the movie was incredible, such a far departure from what West did in the 60's. If I'm not mistaken a lot of this was lifted from what Miller was doing at the time as well as The Killing Joke and you can tell, from the moment Batman finds Jack on the catwalk to their confrontation in Vale's apartment it full of climactic and awesome scenes. My only gripe being how Gordon was portrayed as a bumbling oaf, not the Jim Gordon I know of.

Overall this movie made going to the movies fun, it made me pick up comic books, it made me the collector I am today. If it wasn't for this film I have no idea who I would have been. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe bad, either way it is a classic that we will still be talking about in another 25 years.

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Do not like Joker's daughter and absolutely cannot stand New 52 Harley, this whole title should be axed.