Hawkeye is not a green arrow rip off

I know this going to sound like a fanboy rant but I don't care cause I'm tried of people calling Hawkeye a green arrow rip off. Hawkeye was a orphan who ran away from foster care and joined a circus. Green arrow was a billionaire who was deserted on a island for 5 years. How does that make them in any way, shape or, form like each other? The only thing they have in common is that they are archers and are both rebellious. Hawkeye and Mockingbird is nothing like Green Arrow and black canary expect that both girls are blond. Hawkeye is also alot more important to the Avengers then Green Arrow every was to the justice league. Hawkeye led the avengers. Green arrow never led the justice league. So in conclusion they are almost nothing alike.


Aquaman vs Superboy

Fight is in downtown Miami , Florida. Current versions of each. start from 35 yards away. Aquaman has his trident. morals on

Aquaman #7
Superboy #4

Robin(Damian Wayne) vs Striker

Fight is in the Gotham police department building. Damain has his standard gear. Striker starts on the 2nd floor. Damain start on the 5th floor. morals on

Current versions of each

Avengers Acadamy #5
Teen Titans 89

Joker vs Darkseid( Read op before you call this spite)

Darkseid has absolute non of his powers. That means no super strength speed indurability or omega beams. Nor those he have access to apokolis technology or call his servants on apokolis for help. But he does still have his intelligence and strategic abilities. Each has 2 month's prep. Fight is in the Grand canyon. Each start on the other side of the canyon. Keep in mind Batman has outsmarted Darkseid and the Joker is at least as smart as Batman.


Riddler vs Cyclops

Fight is in Alaska. each have 2 weeks prep. neither can call on their friends for help. morals on. This is reformed Riddler. Current cyclops. From 50 yards away


Winter Soldier vs Daken ( Read op)

Daken is alive for this fight and is does not have the heat drug

Scenario: Daken decides to take revenge on Bucky for killing his mother. He finds the black widow and brutally kills her. He later sends Bucky her head in a package. Bucky tracks Daken down to Cape Town, South Africa. Fight is in a Hotel in Cape town. Daken does not have his phermones. Bucky is bloodlust. Start from 30 feet away.

Bucky: His captain america shield, 2 dessert eagles with 9 clips, 1 M249 with 5 clips sets, 5 grenades, 6 flash bangs, 2 grappling guns, and 10 combat knifes,

Winter Soldier #5