Bring on the fan boy nerd rage!

So we have images from Robocop and inevitably the nerd rage has surfaced because the suit has been changed. What did people expect? The same chrome suit is not going to be used as it would ridiculous in a modern movie. The original suit worked great in the original films because at the time it looked futuristic which is exactly what the creators of the new movie are trying to do. Take a look at any prototype or concept for military armour of the future and you can see what they were going for.

The film could not be made without being updated, it wouldn't work and would essentially be a rip off money wise. I would not pay hard earned cash to see a movie in 2012 that looked like a cut and stick job of an 80's film to keep the internet legions happy. No, the film has to be up to date and able to work in a modern setting. The same goes for any other film of this type.

Transformers was a perfect example, all feelings towards Mr Bay put aside the bots had to be updated in that movie to make them work in the modern world. There was no way a giant robot the size of a three story building was going to transform into a handgun, that was no way that Prime was going to fit into the movie world with a giant trailer following him around and Bumblebee was not going to be the new version of the VW bug because it looks like a ten year old girls dream car.

Come one guys, I love the passion you have for things you hold dear and grew up with, I share that passion but you have to understand and accept that time moves on and if we want the things we love to live on and be loved by other generations then we need to embrace the change.

Here's to peace on the fan boy front.


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cool loooooooooooooooooooove dis car

Posted by guttridgeb

I really like this suit. My only problem with it is that it is clearly going for Batman's style suit when they could have been a bit more original.