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The Walking Dead Compendium 1

“You think we hide behind these walls to protect us from The Walking Dead! Don’t you get it? WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD!”

1. As I’ve been on a zombie stint recently, what with my obsession with The Walking Dead television series, I decided to go back to the roots of the show and purchase the first eight books of the graphic novel which came in a single book, the walking dead Compendium Two days later and I am craving more Walking Dead and reading the Graphic Novel makes me even more excited for the continuation of the second season.

The comic focuses on developing the characters and how the world of the dead has changed them, where the show deals more with constantly worrying about zombies. You get a feel for each character and what they stand for and the casting of the show is reinforced by this as they are accurately portrayed. I honestly was shocked by how the story progresses and at some points had to put the book down and process what had just happened. A lot of heavy shit goes down in the later books and I’m only 8 books into the series.

Double Tap

Kirkman does a good job of showing characters overall change from how they behaved in Atlanta how they behave by the end of the eighth book, it’s interesting to see how people change in stressful situations, especially rick. At the beginning of the series Rick was a police officer who believed in protecting and serving every one, though when forced to live in a world ruled by the dead this becomes frighteningly applying only to his family. He eventually admits that even though he has come to like everyone in the group he would kill anyone of them if it prevented his family from being eaten or being slowed down by others.

This transformation is unnerving but also makes the reader think; wouldn’t we do anything no matter how inhumane to save the ones we love? It’s thought provoking dialogue like this that separates Kirkmans work form most, as zombie works are usually mostly senseless violence. This being said Walking Dead is quite violent at points and deals with some very intense and disturbing subject matter that is not for the weak of heart. So get comfortable and be prepared for a story of perseverance, survival, leadership and violence, The Walking Dead does not disappoint.

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