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@kalorama: I totally agree. I loved the whole college flashback episode. It shows how close they were and why Foggy took it so personally that Matt had been deceiving him all this time.

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I really like Zsasz but I would love to see him in MK where his knives could be used for a Fatality or some brutal X-Ray moves instead of the rated-T Injustice.

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I "super hate" you for hating Everything is Awesome. j/k. If videogame Lego Batman is as funny as his movie counterpart I'm gonna get this just to listen to him.

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Lol at all the disbelief of Bruce Wayne fighting for 28 hours. A man dressed as a bat fighting armed goons, coming back from a broken back and time traveling is ok but a 28 hour deathmatch is where you draw the line...

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I really think the ending of MoS ties in directly to Luthor being the main antagonist. He can fund the rebuilding of Metropolis and after hearing about Superman killing Zod, wonder if this alien can kill one of his own because they pose a threat to human lives what would stop him from killing a human to protect another human? I just want a more complex Luthor who really wants to protect humanity from Superman instead of some megalomaniac who just has a savior complex.

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Yo, Katz, I see what you mean about Rick being speechless when talking to Carl but you're looking at from a leader's POV and not as a father. He is seeing his little boy growing up into a ruthless killer (remember he would've killed the black guy back in town if not for the bullet proof vest). Then when trying to appeal to Carl's innocence, Rick was met with cold logic. Carl has been talking to Rick as if he's the father and Rick is the child. I loved the "Now go" line. That was more badass then him killing Jody.

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The best part of Rise of Cobra, to me was the Baroness. Anyway, I plan on seeing this movie over the weekend. The trailers looked cool. Plenty of bullets, ninjas and Jinx!

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I've been continuously searching for these shows on Netflix at least once a month so this is awesome news. Not to sound too ungrateful but I wished they would've included all the episodes of these shows. But regardless, something is better than nothing.

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Ninja please! I'm gonna see it just for Snake Eyes, Jinx and Storm Shadow.

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I didn't even realize so many of these shows were getting the ax! I loved Transformers Prime and Clone Wars is awesome, its the best thing that came out of the prequel trilogy. The reason I voted for Wolverine and the X-Men was that it ended with a teaser for the AOA, which was one of the first comic collections I ever completely owned. I thought it would have been cool to see an animated version of it.

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