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Cant Wait! 0

Start off by saying the title of this review is for something other then the plot, i cant wait for Way to stop writing!! This by far has to be the worst comic i have read in his 1-60 series. the comic is readable in about 3 minutes, and pretty much feels like a filler to pass time until Way finishes the run..i suggest buying the comic for continuing the run purpose only, but save the reading!...

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Ughhhh..... 0

Let me start by saying that i dont like Daniel Way's writing to begin with, he demeans the character of deadpool and i dont liek the way he makes him look. Tries to make him like a kid, as another person wrote, he is a person with ADHD and extremely insecure about his ways ( thus making him a funny guy ). To keep it short Daniel Way's writing of deadpool has just been getting worse and worse, from bad arcs to bad thought out characters. i dont like it but ill continue to buy it to see if it gets...

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Not Good 0

i didnt like this comic at all, i thought the concept of spiderman and deadpool teaming up again would be cool, liek in spiderman issue #611. but this was a bad story and bad writing. the illustration was good but other then that, this comic was horrible. the whole time it was just deadpool being spidermans groupie and spiderman being annoyed of deadpool. and for some unkown reason the hitmonkey is a threat to these guys........

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Cool :) 0

i thought this comic was pretty interesting. the best part about this comic is the illustrator, he really draws your attention into the comic ( he's the same from suicide kings ).  *Spoiler* the comic series is about deadpool going to new york, and he really wants to get in touch with spiderman, so he sends an add out to spider ( pretty amusing ). not going to reveal much more but there was a murder to one of spidermans friends, and since deadpool is in town spiderman thinks it was him ( could i...

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