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@b4tm4nish3r3: Them being old does matter, like I said its like using silver age superman feats. You can read what I said to MuyJingo above because I essentially have the same thing to say to you. I have given tons of instances of batman not being threatened by penguin or the types of threats he posed, including one that is just batman telling penguin what to do and Oswald listening because he can't challenge batman in no mans land. That's an excuse you made for penguin. "Penguin was busy". Sure dude. If all these instances I mentioned in comics aren't proof enough then I guess I cannot meet your ridiculous standards of what evidence should be. If all those times I mentioned from comics aren't good enough for you, then so be it, but I know that I defended my opinion and that my argument isn't incredibly poor at all. Everything I've said I've supported with instances from comic books.

I brought up batman killing to show you how dumb it is of you to use old scans from penguin to try to prove anything about him. You fail to show me how he is a threat or challenge today. Fifty years ago sure but not anymore.

And yes bane can be crappy sometimes but bane broke batman physically and mentally. Something penguin has never even come close to doing.

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@csg_cl: Diana is nowhere near the greatest martial artist in DC. There's a difference in the two.

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@muyjingo: all that stuff is old and based on older stories and statements. I have said many times he was good back then but not now.

Why wouldn't a mob boss attack batman those ways? He has few other ways to attack. Any way he can attack batman has dealt with before and is easy for him. I never called him an incompetent pathetic mob boss. You've still done nothing to show he's a threat. And please tell me how my points are irrelevant because it is kind of pissing me off that you are just dismissing my whole argument. You say nothing can be discussed yet you keep coming back here to call my points irrelevant. I don't know what more proof you want than what happens in comics. There's no more solid proof than that. I have given all my proof and you just say that it isn't proof so there's nothing more to say. People don't have to explain their opinions anyway like I said before.

And then you also say I have a lack of familiarity with the character which is BS. Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I don't know stuff about penguin. That's a crappy argument from you. I do not refuse to acknowledge he doesn't do physical threats, in fact I'm the one who said he would attack with an army or something like financially wrecking Wayne ent. Now I guess I will wait for your response, so you can call my points irrelevant and make up more things I said, and say I haven't given any proof despite me providing specific incidents of batman completely dominating and controlling penguin and dealing with the types of threats he poses on a regular basis. Let's just go in a circle again if that's what you want.

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Superman is OP.

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@muyjingo: they aren't though. I could just as easily say yours are invalid.. That means nothing though. Now you're just lying by saying I've ignored stuff and haven't provided proof. I gave tons of proof from instances in comics and you are outright lying by saying i haven't. All you've done is come in here and call my points irrelevant... I shouldn't have to defend my opinion on a crappy fictional character anyway. I have ignored nothing, I've responded to everyone who has said something to me in this thread. Another lie from you. You say my points are invalid with no proof of that either.

It is quite annoying for me to give you all these instances from comics to support what I'm saying and you just say "No, invalid, irrelevant" over and over again.

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I have not reason that single, obscure issue so I can't say much.

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@muyjingo: OK I'm not sure why you don't count anything I said as proof and just say that it makes no sense. That is the threat penguin poses and its easy for batman. You have done nothing to show me he's a threat, whereas I have given you many instances in comics of him not being a threat. None of those guys challenge batman mentally either. Maybe forty years ago but not anymore. They are bad villains now. Penguin is not a threat and you've done naught to show me otherwise. Instead you have just said my points are irrelevant or just aren't valid.

Penguin is a mob boss and those are the things they can do with their power. Penguin sure as hell can't threaten him physically so attacks like the ones batman has been experiencing in batman eternal is the type of stuff penguin would do.

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@muyjingo: Yup that's essentially all my points.

Whether the entire force was after him or not, they definitely weren't actively on his side. But the point is that the coos going against batman doesn't threaten him. He has beaten up Gotham cops countless times, that's not hard for him.

In terms of my opinion, I'm not sure why you think it doesn't hold up and why my proof is valid. We know he isn't a physical threat, sure. But I went beyond that. I have given examples of batman dealing with mobs and triads easily before. Wayne Inc. Is bankrupt right now and his house is full of Arkham criminals right now. There was also the batman eternal gang war which barman dealt with already. Are these not the types of threats you think penguin would pose to batman? I'd think so. So if batman has been shown to easily deal with penguins threats before, as well as the types of threats he deals with, how is that not proof of his lack of threat? I must also bring up the no mans land incident again where penguin was easily controlled. Penguin still had all his power and was still controlled by batman.

Just because they apply to other villains doesn't mean they don't make sense. Ivy is a physical threat. Her plants are powerful and she mind controlled superman to fight batman. Dent isn't new or challenging but he used to be Batman's friend and that makes for an interesting dynamic between the two. Hatter isn't great, he mind controlled all the kids in the Narrows and the bat family dealt with him without batman, but his stories are usually fun and I like him for that. But is he is a good villain, not really. Same for scarface

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@muyjingo: read my last post right above yours. There's some proof. I'm not typing that all again. Batman deals with the type of threat penguin poses regularly, its not a big deal or challenge for him. There's proof of that in comics. As I have said multiple times and given proof of multiple times. A mob boss is not a threat. Batman dominates the underworld pretty easily. He even has an underworld criminal disguise known as matches Malone if he needs to get information or get inside somewhere.

You are also just being insistent with your opinion. Most of what we are arguing about aren't facts, besides what happens in the comics, its just opinions. And I'm basing my opinion off of what happens in comics. Which is batman easily trucking through whatever penguin throws at him.

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@allstarsuperman: Tyreese punched him twice and Daryl grabbed tyreese to restrain him. While Daryl had tyreese rick punched him, and then got on top of him on the ground and punched him until Daryl pulled him off.

Without Daryl holding Ty back Rick would not have had time to recover and strike back. You can look this fight up on YouTube to see for yourself if you want.

It would have been interesting to see rick fight Abraham at the church but sadly Glenn broke it up before it started.