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They're sexy is the girl they're on is sexy.

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Mentally, Wolverine might take it. Batman can get pretty unstable at times. Physically, adamantium gives wolverine a huge advantage but I'd still give it to Batman. He's just as tough and doesn't even have adamantium or a healing factor and that's what makes him tougher.

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@toptom: I was only talking of issue six, where wraith was beating him at first.

Wraith is definitely stronger and faster and was stomping superman in issue 8. Superman had no chance and was being thrashed and had no idea how to beat him. If it was a small gap he could have beaten him without going to the core of the earth. Wraiths advantages are large because in issue eight he was easily beating superman and overpowered him.

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I actually very much dislike how he doesn't use all of thors powers. Its silly to me that he cant write Thor with all his powers.

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@toptom: just because he wasn't damaged doesn't mean he wasn't being stomped. Wraith is way stronger and faster and superman had no chance, serious or not. He was serious every time with wraith.

Superman clearly can overcome anything and win, and he did with wraith

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What the heck happened to off topic.

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@mad_titan: its only stronger because their hasn't been a star wars movie in a while. But overall Star wars trumps avengers. Way more fans and very iconic. When there was a 20 year or so gap between episode six and episode one, episode one still made a billion.

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Around 135 in 8th grade.

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@redxiii18881990: Like I said, voldemort is confident in his abilities and will back down from no one. Of course he talked trash to albus but that's all it was. He didn't kill him like he said he would because he couldn't. And Lol, you think Hogwarts protection stops voldemort? He already entered it once through quirrel, he was in the forbidden forest, he could have used the thing Draco used to get death eaters into the castle, he could have used the shrieking shack and entered through the whomping willow, he could have easily gotten through the defensive charms the school has. Harry was under Dumbledores protection at Hogwarts and that's why voldemort didn't touch him there.

It doesn't really matter what you think, because JK Rowling herself confirmed he feared Dumbledore and it is mentioned many times throughout the books.