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@tank_: As her Force energy was restored to her, Sunrider hurled a wave of telekinetic energy that tossed her into the wall. She groaned with the impact and stood back to her feet. "Many have called me such." She smirked. "But really, after saving you with that move, I think I deserve SOMETHING."

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WTF is with these cramps?

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I'm so bad I scare myself, sometimes I look in the mirror I wanna kiss myself, I'm so pretty ;)


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@temporal_guardian said:

CoH is the one true superhero MMO, at least until the COH fans make their two replacements for it.

NCsoft shutting it down was *major* bullshit.

It's a shame the game was closed and we will never get to see the expansions the Devs were putting together. I was looking forward to finally getting some Space oriented content.


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@jay_august: The Jedi could sense the potent energy swelling from within her. Just as she suggested for him to get clear he wrapped himself within the force. Creating a barrier around his body as her dark energy rushed out all around her. The dark purplish glow resonated through the force and annihilated not just he four droids around here, but the other four as well. The powers impact had obliterated their cortosis bodies and sent the Jedi hurtling backwards against the cavern wall. His shield had taken the brunt of the attack but he could feel its protection waning. Her energy withdrew back into her slumped form and he rushed over to make sure she was alright. That much dark energy was taxing on the body, he could feel the taints residue through the force.

Just as he began to assist her back to her feet the opposite side opened up. Inside the other room was their treasure, the second Star Map.

A twisted smile spread across her face as the droids were disintegrated. "Fine, that was a good move." "Good? Almost killed her! If she had done that and reinforcements came, she wouldn't have a hope. It drained her Force, our Force. Her attacks would be weak after." "But I must say, it's good to see you in your true form. You are Sith. Be proud of your physical corruption. it is a testament of your power." Her bright, red eyes glowed as they shot over to the Jedi stepping over to see if she was alright. "Back off." She snarled. "Feed off his Force." "Restore yourself." Then the grin returned. "Yesssss. Or not. Stay close." She extended a hand to drain him of the Force to regain her strength as he moved in to help her.

Her attention darted over to the opening room within which was the next obsidian monolith.

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@tank_: An'arche's eyes blazed as her electrical attack was absorbed. "Blast it." The droids rambled toward the pair beginning their assault. She drew her hands to her sides as her rage boiled inside her. She channeled the dark side energy within her, a glowing sphere of purple energy emanating from her small form. The resonance of the dark energy melted away her alchemy-based mask, her true form revealed. Her concentration was interrupted by a leg slash. She quickly jumped to avoid the strike flipping out from the ring to resume her Force technique. The purplish orb began to form around her again, her eyes glowing in accordance. "I suggest you get clear, Jedi." She extended both hands out to release the stored energy of pure Force destruction to vaporize the four droids closest to her. She dropped to one knee, panting. It was an ability she had learned, but had only ever used rarely. She felt drained and weak. The dark lord slumped over, hoping the Jedi could take the remaining droids. Her red eyes wandered up to watch.

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@jay_august: The wires chimed alive as electricity flowed through its core, brightening the room as the far right door slid open. Out marched eight armored droids, their outer shells coated with cortosis weave plating. A metal that was highly resistant to lightsaber attacks and that deactivated them on touch. Electro-staffs swirled in their hands as the spread a circle around the them.

"Damn. Think I can short them out like I did the panel?" She smirked, a blast of Force lighting erupting from her extended fingertips.

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@tank_: "No, it's not." She gripped her saberstaff.

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@tank_: "Well, guys. Any ideas?""Go all red." "Don't be a fool. "Try Red, Green, Blue. 1138.""Why?" "I DON'T KNOW!" "Next time, pick a ghost with cyber implants, this is ridiculous.""Really, you are no help at all." She tried a combination. "NO! You have to use red for the second part of the sequence." "Our shared body will rot here before we get in. Just fry the circuit board!" "SHUT UP!" She shouted in frustration, electricity jumped from her finger tips into the mainframe, the doors opening. "I told you!"