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Tony- the text version works and looks great, but I much prefer the video. I love the comedy performance that you put into it. A text version seems a bit dry for me.

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Tony, my vote is to keep the video format. For me my favorite part is your performance, the funny voices and being able to see the pictures. I don't think a text version would capture all of that.

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Tony, I agree that it may be early to give this five Stars, but this was a very enjoyable issue. I loved the way they established that this isn't Peter or Kaine or even Miles. This is Miguel who may a Spider-man, but he certainly isn't a clone of the same old character we've seen before.

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Both runs are good, but it feels like Yost's run on Scarlet was a bit shorter. X- Force was pretty awesome the entire way. So that gets my vote despite the fact that I'm a bigger fan of Scarlet Spider overall.

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I agree with Corey #2, this was a 2 star book for me. The writing and art was clunky. The villains were not intriguing to me at all. Ultimate Comics Spider-man is one of my favorite titles and I've been reading it from the beginning. I really hope Miles' other title is better because I won't be able to continue reading this comic.

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@g_man: I was thinking interview with a Vampire, but I have idea why!

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I wonder how many of the people who voted for Dick only saw his Robin in cartoons/movies rather than reading them in the comics. In the comics, Dick's sugary 60's & 70's era Robin was pure cheese. Robin was a joke before Tim Drake. Dick is a great character post-Robin, but Tim made Robin cool. He had the brains and skill to be the true heir of Batman.

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It's Tim Drake. He had the longest and best Robin solo title ever. Robin was extremely uncool and hated until Tim took over. Tim's Robin changed everything about the way people looked at the character, and had the most interesting story that wasn't another Bruce clone.

Dick= Nightwing & Batman

Jason= Redhood

Steph= Spoiler

Carrie Kelly= Damian's Baby Sitter

Damian= Robin & Batman 666

Tim= Robin. Definitively.

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I haven't read Quantum and Woody, but this had me laughing. I don't have any room on my pull list at the moment, but I'm definitely moving this up on my trade back list.

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OMG! That muppet voice Tony. It's hilarious. And what are those squeaks at the end?