(Arcade Deathmatch Crossever Event)

My Lists Contains Characters I Would Like To See In A Crossover Deathmatch!

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Posted by MisterAnderson

Who d'ye want to live, lad?

Posted by javancain16

@misteranderson Cable or Illyria or The Darkness ! Who do you want to live ?

Posted by MisterAnderson

Rogue touches the Doctor, gaining the abilities of a Time Lord, and regenerates after being savagely stabbed by Spiral. The Doctor, sadly, is also dealt out, but with his new regeneration cycle, it's no biggie. They could potentially both survive. Mystique has escaped apparent death before and can presumably shift her organs in her body to avoid otherwise catastrophic injury.

I want Kitty to phase Thanos into something uncomfortable, like maybe the backseat of a Volkswagon, for the win.

Edited by javancain16

@misteranderson Damn that's really good i kinda feel the doctor isn't originally there he notices a time & universe disturbance and can't help but investigate and gets caught in the middle of a gory deathmatch !