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Trash 0

I am a huge Godzilla fan, and when i watched this, it was just pure trash, the main thing is Godzilla, he looked nothing like his Japanese counterpart, he looked like an over grown lizard, well he was an over grown lizard, he was too slim and fast, ugh, it was NOT Godzilla, and where were his trademark abilities??? you wanna know, NONE, he didn't have his atomic ray, and his spiked didn't glow either, Godzilla was a mutated DINOSAUR, not a lizard, wth, everything about this movie was NOT Godzill...

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They finally got it right 0

This review will compare this movie to Hulk (2003), so, lets go and compare each aspect of the film , (the darker coloured names are the ones that are better, the first 4 compare the actors, after that the actors are not being compared, its other aspects of the film, special effects, hulk design etc.......)Edward Norton vs Eric Bana- Out of these 2 actors, Ed Norton is far better, his acting is better, more realistic, and more versatile, he really captures the feel of the character, a person who...

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The Greatest Comc Book Movie Ever Made! 0

This is without a doubt, The greatest comic book movie ever made, the plot was perfect for a Batman movie, the acting was amazing, the bat suit was better than the previous one, and the movie was dark, which was good, Heath Ledger stole the show here, with his amazing acting, he was a great actor, and will be missed forever, harvey dent was also potrayed well, i just liked the way harvey dent (two face) had an impact on Batmans life aswell, simply the best comic book movie ever made!...

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Simply Amazing! 0

God this film is so great!, the acting was top notch, the plot was good, Godzilla actually looked realistic,this was all good, and this movie also carries an important message, to stop using nucleaur weapons, this is what created Godzilla, i also cried in the end, this movie is just simply amazing :)...

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Nice! 0

Marvel did a great job on this animated movie. The characters were potrayed well, they also had good voice acting,and the plot was good, it was only about 30 minutes long but it kept me entertained, so i liked it, what they did was put 2 movies in one and titled it Hulk vs. one of them where he fights wolverine (this one), and one where he fights Thor, but this one was better, it had a better plot, animation,and just the way it was made, so i recommend this to any marvel fan, so good job!...

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