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According to Zoom's Comic Vine page, it states that Wonder Woman said he hits harder than Superman
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Seems more accurate when it was fired at Juggernaut

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@Foolkiller said:
"once more logically thinking people  are on this forum i'll come back. see you guys in a few days or weeks. "

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@Foolkiller said:
" @TheCerealKillz:  he wouldn't slow down silver surfer enough. "

The Flash can steal speed, or are you on about Zoom?
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@Foolkiller said:
" @FinalStar86:  silver surfer is many times faster than the flashes..combined "

Incorrect statement, the Flash's can tap into the speed force and steal other's speed
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But it can go through the Mjolnir, and is it only me, but doesn't it seem like Thor has more accuracy when it is channeled through the Mjolnir?
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The question is, would you be willing to kill if you had either weapon?
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@Gambit1024 said:
" @jasraj: I'd like that suit. That's really the one that's defined the character for all these years. I did like the 2nd movie, but Superman 1 will always be my fave. Doomsday is more of a sequel villain if anything. Zod should at least be mentioned in the reboot if he's not the villain.  "

Yeah, the suit is quite good it's the shade of blue that really brings out the character, the first movie still is amazing in my eyes, i would like to see Zod and Superman fight, and also, what do you think of the new All Star Superman movie?
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which Wonder Woman? current?
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@Gambit1024 said:
"The best Superman movie? The first one. The beginning on Krypton sorta dragged, but that movie will always be one of the best. Worst? Well Superman 3 and 4 never happened, so I'll go with Returns because it was so BORING. And I didn't care for the fact that my childhood hero was depicted as an illegitimate father.   For the reboot, we're kinda guaranteed that Superman will actually FIGHT someone this time (thanks to Zak Schneider). I'd like Lex to be in it. Not as a main villain, but he needs to be involved with the actual plot. Perhaps the main baddie should be Metallo? If not, then the Superman Birthright story should be done as it's my favorite of the origin tellings (assuming this is another origin film).   For his suit, it's classic or nothing. The Returns suit sucked. That "S" (which is a symbol for hope) was way to small. Kingdom Come's suit was good, but that's not the right Superman symbol. I wouldn't be totally be against switching the yellow colors to black, but I'd be mostly satisfied if they left his costume alone.  "

Disagree on which movie is the best, but agree on which is the worst, YES, i want Superman to fight someone, i want them to bring Zod back, but only Zod instead of the other two, or mabye Doomsday, i would want this suit, it's very similar to the Chris Reeves Superman suit, the only difference is the tone of blue, i would like a darker blue, you know, like this