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hes the worst robin, im glad hes dead, that murdering psychopath that no one likes.

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In glad Damian is dead, he didnt deserve to be Robin, its the best thing to happen in the new 52 comics so far. Damian was more of a psychopathic villain than a hero. We can all celebrate by spitting and dancing on his grave, although I wuld have preferred that Damian was erased from existence rather than be killed, being killed makes him a cheap rip off of Jason. But whats done is done, but i hope hes the "robin" that stays dead, as I believe Jason needs to keep the title of being the Robin that died and comeback.

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Well now. I got Red Hood and the Outlaws Volume 1 and I still saw hes better off alone as Starfire is a sex symbol and and Roy is an idiot (they completely butchered Roys character). Oh, and by the way Jason was not resurrected by the lazarus pit and everybody has been saying in the new 52, what utter rubbish, just look at the scene where Talia talks to Ducra and she clearly says Jason was already resurrected before being put into the pit, so i dont know what rubbish people has been talking about.

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@justice teen: damians the worst robin.

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@RedHood22: i didnt do anything wrong, i do respect your opinions (even though they are insane ones), im just trying to pint out Damian isnt the person you think he is, hes not a good person or a hero.

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@Ironhawk22: That isnt evidence if you just "claim" your evidence to b true, you need to show actual evidence. second of all, damian would never have pets, unless he has a sick mind and kills them so he could look at their insides, because thats how sick and psychopathic Damian is. You have no evidence so stop claiming you have evidence when you have none. And whats wrong with you? I perfectly know hes a fictional character, why are you reminding me when i already know hes not real?

Just look at this evidence here: Damian tries to murder Tim.

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@FatihBATMAN: He tried to kill Tim twice, once in the Teen Titan Tower, and then again in Battle for the Cowl.

@HushoftheWind: No one liked Jason in pre 52 and new 52 continuity after jason returned from the dead and that includes Tim and you cant blame Tim, Jason tried to kill him twice. Jason hates everyone in the bat family because he believes that no one cared about him when he died, That whole "friendly" scene with Tim, they are both putting on an act, because they both hate each other, they obviously worked out a business deal, that Jason would do something for Tim and Tim would would probably do something for Jason in the future, strictly business. Jason will never like Tim because of the simple fact that Tim replaced him.

@Nathaniel_Christopher: no understanding, they hate each other.

@Durakken: Damian and Tim hate each other.

Dick and Damian, yes mentoring relationship only.

Dick and Tim are the ones who have the closest relationship in the robin family, so i say they are brothers.

Dick and Jason, more like animosity when jasons was Robin, and even more so when jason is resurrected, as Jason develops a hatred for dick.

Jason and Tim hate each other for obvious reasons.

Jason and Damian, indedd theres animosity, but Damian is not like Jason in anyway even when jason was Robin, they were completely different in their Robin roles, so no kinship at all.

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@Ironhawk22: No he killed those people because he enjoyed it, hes a psychopath raised by the league of assassins. I am not a hypocrite, Jason kills for different reasons than damian, he does it to protect the people from gotham, by getting rid of criminals permanently, Damian does not do it for the same reasons jason does, he enjoys doing, whereas Jason he justs does what he thinks needs to be done to protect people.

@Ironhawk22: No, Damian and Dick werent friends, Dick was only trying to get Damian to stop murdering people, he was more of in the mentor category, dick didnt even like damian, he just mentored Damian, because he felt thats what bruce would have wanted. The Teen Titans hated him and thats why he left because they preferred Tim, Stephanie however hasnt even met Damian, and even if she did, she doesnt like him as damian isnt a likable person, Alfred does what a loyal butler, takes care of people even though he doesnt like them, and i believe Damian assaulted Alfred in Batman and Son. And none of you have any evidence thats undeniable that states he damian can be a likable character. So im right no one likes him both in comics and real life, you have no evidence on the reasons on liking damian.

yes, i do have evidence of the three people hes killed, read his stories, his murders are there. And no you havent shown any evidence at all, so what are you on about? it is a fact, that damian is a bad character, i know the difference between fact and opinion and its definitely a fact about damian. Its pretty obvious that Damian is still killing off comic coontinuity because he likes murdering people, i dont need evidence to say that because in the comics they dont shown every single day of a year in comic continuity.

@RedHood22: They are all drunk, stoned or completely insane, they claim damian is a good character, when they have provided no undeniable evidence what so ever. And he has no place in the bat family.

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@Ironhawk22: you have no evidence showing that damian is a likable characeter.Damian murdered all three of those characters because he is psychopathic and wants to kill people, he was raised by the league after all, he killed them all on purpsose and because he wanted to. Jason is BETTER than Damian because he kills to protect the people of Gotham, to prevent any innocent people from being victimized by those same criminals, he does it for his own version of Justice which involves putting down the criminals PERMANENTLY and all the scum jason killed deserved to die. Yes i do realize Dmian is a fictional character, tell this to the other people, they are the ones who seem to think Damian is a relatable character. Damian is evil, hes a psychopath and will never change.

No evidence of damian being interesting, and Tim Drake is far better than Damian, and hes the one who deserves to become the next Batman, unlike Damian who needs to die and be forgotten about.

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  • Dick and Jason: Jason hates his guts, hates him because he had a hard time living in Dicks shadow. Dick-tries to be mentor to jason pre death in the family, non-existent relationship post under the hood.
  • Dick and Tim: Brothers.
  • Dick and Damian: A mentor trying to change a murdering psychopath in Bruces honour.
  • Jason and Tim: Jason hates Tim for replacing him. Tim hates Jason for trying to kill him.
  • Jason and Damian: Non-existent, Jason most likely hates Damian, Damian doesnt really know Jason.
  • Tim and Damian: Hatred for each other.