Just Read Watchmen (haven't seen movie)


This graphic novel is so great... and so difficult. I mean, I felt a wide range of emotions... sometimes bordering on the insane.. while reading this. I love Rorschach... the writer really made me love him. And Jon... damn, I can't imagine not having Jon in my life.

Good Job Alan Moore - I see why they say such great things about you.

I sort of wish there was more... I want to see the rest of these characters' lives...


Posted by War Killer

Watch the movie, it's as great as the book, and Everyone loves Rorschach :D

Posted by jasonbroccoli

Oh awesome - I can't wait to see it. Actually, I was like... Nope! Not gonna see it 'til I read it!

I'm glad I did. :)

Posted by Storm Rider

Watchmen is great. If the movie has one redeeming quality (and certainly many people have been....less than enamored by it), it is that the publicity it generated drew a whole group of new readers to a modern classic.

Posted by AliceHatter

Yeh amen. Such an awesome GN

Posted by Apparition

i liked the book better but the movie was great!

Posted by Korg

You will be so glad you read it before seeing the movie, I can't even begin to tell you.

Posted by jasonbroccoli
You know - I just realized that I can't get it on dvd yet... I guess not out. How consumeristic of me to want it now. :)
Posted by Korg

The DVD release is only a month from now anyway.

Posted by jasonbroccoli

Oh, cool - thanks for the info.