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@Son Of Storm said:
" @hdorman1 said:
" she began as one but now she is an integral part of the x men there is no real token characters in the marvel u anymore "
I like this answer.
 I'll just add more. As Hdorman1 stated she did start off as a token character. But so did all the other X-men that came along with Storm. When X-men first came out they were all average class Caucasian Americans who happened to have powers..BORING.... When more people started reading comics Marvel decided to branch out into other cultures...And still today she is still one of the most popular X-men. As well as one of the most powerful mutants...Plus her distinctive looks(White hair..Blue eyes) make her stand out among the African American crowd. "
Really? because I attended a forum on comics not that long ago, and 
Storm wasn't even a topic brought up, everyone was talking about Emma, and Wolverine. I know she's popular within the comic community, but how many non comic readers will say storm is their favorite? 
But i agree with your answer though.
Posted by jasmine cole

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