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Batman, using nothing but his human strength, struck the Hulk's ears and solar plexus, causing him to yell, and even WHINE in pain; he hit Wonder Woman and made her scream in pain as well; struck Superman with enough force to make him turn his head when Poison Ivy was controlling Supes; and kicked the Spectre with enough force to make him react to the blow. Save for the most mindless Batman fanboy, everyone with a bare MINIMUM of sanity would agree that any ONE of those incidents are complete and UTTER PIS; but according to your "logic" and "understanding", since Batman does this kind of thing "all the time" and is "consistent" with it, that means that all those stunts are now legit. It's not the incident ITSELF that is PIS---if writers depict a character doing something they can't POSSIBLY do MORE THAN ONCE, then it's legit. I see.

I stopped reading here. I just want to say for the record this isn't my logic.

A lot of the examples you used are non canon or out of context as well but we will ignore that for now, for the simple reason that batman doesn't do this stuff all the time. He regularly fights people like bane, lady shiva, deathstroke, etc. people who are street levellers. He does have a lot of outlier feats since he has thousands of appearances but those examples are not reflective of his average.

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@ostyo said:

@jmarshmallow: Are you kidding, Flash got taken down by Deathstroke so Surfer obviously solos, and at full confidence Gladiator could easily take him down!

Of course, how silly of me!

It's a good thing Black Panther isn't in this fight, or he'd solo everybody with an Arm Bar!

Silver surfer allowed black panther to restrain him. This has been confirmed by Dwayne Mcduffie who wrote the comic.

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@willpayton: Well as I said some of those suits were. I was thinking the one he fought terminus and also the superman armor with the jet pack.

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  1. Could go either way.
  2. Batman and black panther.
  3. Batman being the worlds greatest detective can probably read the other team easier, and black panther can use his enhanced senses to determine if deathstroke and cap are lying.
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Actually YOU made the claim, "Some of those suits are beyond 100 ibs". That's up to you to prove, not me. Until then, what I said is correct, you're just speculating.

If we can just assume anything without a stated weight is within the stipulations what is the point of this thread? I would think that if someone is going to claim something is useable than it would be on them to prove it falls within the stipulations....Otherwise the stipulations may as well be ignored.

Regardless I was referring to the one batman used to fight terminus which is clearly above 100 pounds. The second armour you posted is non canon and would lose to spider-man as it lost to predator IIRC (I know its from the batman/predator crossover)....That would leave the insider suit and the superman armor, along with the last armor I am not familiar with. I wont touch the insider suit but if we are assuming that the superman armor is a lightweight armor than spider-man could rip it apart still. It did blitz metallo but to my knowledge metallo has no combat speed feats. And I doubt batman would blast heat vision at spider-man either seeing as that would kill him if it connected.

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How does iceman deal with genjutsu?

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@jestersmiles: Well for starters, he can casually hit people with absolute zero temperatures (at that temperature molecules stop moving). He also cannot die. From my understanding, his consciousness exists everywhere and if his physical body is destroyed he can simply re-form in a gaseous state or revive himself through existing water or ice. Apparently the only way to beat him is through telepathy.

So why wouldn't genjutsu work on iceman?

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@visemoon said:

@jashro44: It was told by Flash who nows Spiderman intimately

He's also a spider-man fanboy. So its not a stretch to believe he over exaggerated.

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@lukehero said:

@jashro44: I do realize the context of that fight which I did state she was being mind controlled by ManDrake. I'm not trying to use it as an example of her beating up Spiderman or taking the majority of Spiderman. My example is that she could tag spiderman with her Venom Blast, someone who is a lot faster than Cass. Sure he didn't have his Spider Sense at the time(a fact I mentioned before), but he still would dance circles around cass even without it.

Also I already mentioned the rest of the context as well when I posted the scans above. Also I was using it as an example of her taking a punch and delivering a punch. Her morals are kill when necessary anyway and she rarely holds back.

Sure you could argue Spiderman didn't want to hurt her, but he technically he always holds back as he isn't a killer.

Yes, the other fight was Classic Spidey.

He was going easier than normal he wanted to talk her down. And normally tagging spider-man would be impressive but as I said spider-man was in a funk at the time. And honestly lots of people fight spider-man.

I am not saying Cass wins here but I don't think using spider womans fights against Peter proves her victory over Cass. Also for the record the fight with mister negative was PIS. Hawkeye also hurt him in the same comic and that shouldn't be possible.