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I think its obvious Oliver beats Matt. As things stand Matt lives in a less challenging world than arrow. This would probably change when defenders airs but than again Oliver is making appearances in that heroes of tomorrow show or whatever I believe with captain cold, firestorm, and hawkgirl, not to mention the vixen animated series so baring that in mind I have my doubts at the moment Matt will ever catch up. I mean its possible I guess that the heroes of tomorrow and defenders will face similar threats (doubt it since defenders are mostly street levellers where as heroes of tomorrow has mid tiers on the team).. Even if they do Arrow can get away with so much less realistic stuff in an animated series so theres that.

Point being Matt wont win this, and I as far as I can guess I doubt he will ever beat Oliver. I could be wrong obviously but Arrow has more potential featwise due to the animated series and the heroes of tomorrow. I mean daredevils series is amazing but I don't see him beating Oliver now or in the near future.

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Its between agent venom and Peter. Most likely venom, especially since he is a space knight I would imagine.

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That said i've decided to create a round 2 with no genjutsu.

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@highaccuser: So what it's worked on zombies? That has nothing to do with my point, zombies are still organic. Raiden is a machine therefore he cannot have chakra, "mostly" mechanical doesn't cut it.

Isn't Raiden a cyborg though? This is what Asura path looked like when Naruto smashed it, we see metal fly everywhere and inside is pretty much entirely gears and stuff:

I imagine if Raiden is more mechanical than Asura path the gap can't be big. Not commenting on the debate but I'm just trying to give you an idea of how mechanical Asura path is. I'll leave the rest to you and Highaccuser.

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I think Orochimaru is in a weird tier. He is above street level but he isn't iron man level.

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Not sure. Slades powerset makes him amazing when it comes to multi-tasking so he would figure out how to use there numbers against them.

@eyedcyou said:

A lot. Like probably a couple hundred.

Thats going a bit far.

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Senator Armstrong


  1. Speed is equalized
  2. Both have there standard speed levels


  • In character
  • Win by any means
  • Fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

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@spinnercomix: Under those conditions I think Kaine beats him personally.

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You should probably take prep away Ottos one sided prep in rounds 1-3, 5, and 6. Leave prep in round 4 and maybe round 7 I guess.