Taking a break...

After some thought I have decided to take a break from comicvine. I need to focus my attention on some real life things right now, and I also am a bit tired of debating in the battle forums. It doesn't quite feel the same as it use too, so I think a break will do some good.

Good bye for now!

Posted by Wolverine08

See you man! You're one of the best on here.

Posted by darkbeam

Hope you come back eventually .

Posted by GraniteSoldier

Everyone needs R&R now and then. Best of luck.

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I feel you man. You end up feeling like you've done the same type of debate over and over again.

Posted by tomlikesfries

You're gonna be missed man. One of the best debaters on CV.

Posted by henrik


Posted by laflux

Ah man!!!!

I'll get you and Cadence to come back................soon enough........