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@Jorgevy: to put it simply terry at human peak + 10x boost = superhuman

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@danhimself: yh, it would be cool if he was trained by dick grayson but hes retired :(

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@Jorgevy: read it again, i edited the what i was trying to say

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@Batnandez: yes but imagine if he was at bruces level (peak strength) and times that by 10 fold ( the suit ), he would be ALOT stronger besides since terry looks older in the Epilogue ; you can pretty much assume hes gained some martial arts

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In Batman Beyond, if Terry was him prime, id estimate he would be at least be strong as Bruce Wayne (mental peak human strength), in the can cartoon series the suit amplifies his strength by x10 if im not mistaken,and in he already could do alot physically in that suit but imagine x10 if he was strong as Bruce in his prime, wouldn't that make superhuman? - peak strength + 10x power = ?

EDIT : a short simple example of what im trying to say. Peak human strength (terry in his prime) + The suits Enhancement to amplify the strength by x10 = superman human in a way. If you saw the movie earth two crisis, Owl man was able to pin down wonder woman pretty easily