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He's called Captain America. Do you think he would become president of Germany?

The Ultimate books have a better track record than the regular books in paying stuff off and going with ideas. That's the sad part. Everything in the regular Marvel verse seems to be going with a premise and not knowing where its going. If they did Spider-man's unmasking in the Ultimate verse, they would do it and it would be a story. They killed him off, but they did that with the 'original' one and he instantly came back to life. It's the best thing you can say about the Ultimate line.

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Ah, I hate that new Robocop armor. HAHAHA!

Looks like Pagulayan is doing the new McRib-powered Iron Man armor. I'm not giving a serious response to this, I know.

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Look how they try to make everything futuristic. They are trying way to hard. Given, this is the future to some of us older guys and it's been a real disapointment. Hell, stuff like Time Cop looks better than this even with it's ridiculous self-driving cars.

The cars in Demolition Man were more believable.

I haven't even mentioned the suit.

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Don't you love being spoiled by some news sight, even though you weren't looking to spoiled?

Marvel, there's other things you can other than kill people. Captain America could get married. Thor could become a cyborg. Spider-man could be a clone and the real Spider-man could show up and reveal that Gwen Stacy has been alive all this time.

Just some ideas, Marvel. Love you. :)

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That is very nice art. Don't read the Avengers books anymore, but this is tempting. It could with my 3 other Avengers books. The Liefeld one, The Busiek one, and the one that came out about 2 years ago.

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"A woman in the top ten? Why I never!!! Soon, we'll be allowing them to go to the YMCA, too!" that's a joke.

I liked Justice League #12. It was awesome.

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I think the Michael Bay movie I enjoyed most are The Rock and the first Bad Boys movie. After that, his movies became hard to look at. I saw Dark of the Moon. Man, slow down on the cuts.

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Justice League has a lot of things I used to love about Marvel. Big characters, a plot, and Jim Lee art.

I had only one tiny problem with that issue and that was TMZ. Given, a lot of TV 'news' is kind of badly reported, but that's a dumb show where they people talk about stuff and some guy makes a dumb comment.I noticed Alex Garner did some inks on it. I wonder what he's been up too.

They should show this issue to the Marvel people. It wasn't a death. Yet, it's effective. Story!

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I just want to watch Star Wars in a theater without the enhanced special effects that they started doing in 97. The original Star Wars ofcourse.