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I can't read this stuff. I see characters in these previews and having read Spider-man books in the 90s they are completely different or just not 'as good'. Sandman was the character that changed his ways (before he was screwed). Mysterio's last two big things were getting rid of the fishbowl for a while to mess with the Ben Reilly Spider-man (which was cool if I remember correctly) and then get cancer and took his own life after messing with a whole bunch of other people. Flash Thompson was one of those stories that was never completed. A whole bunch of other story ideas that were never going to be completed, too.

...and I'm sorry, Doc Ock just looks stupid here and not threatening. Certainly not Doc Ock. I don't blame Slott or not Wells who put out that fun Avenging Spider-man books i read. Marvel can't pay those big stories they always promise readers. They didn't do anyting with the Unmasking and should stop messing with characters is that way. I wouldn't be suprised if Slott or some other knowledgable writer has the real Doc Ock just show up and put this wretched gaunt Doc Ock out of his misery. The character deserves more than this.

I'll just read Avenging because it's the only Spider-man book I've really liked since before the magical retcon.

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That is AWESOME beyond belief!!!

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I've liked the Hulk books becuase he wasn' tin stuff like Civil War. It's been Marvel's better book for a while. I don't know about this Incredible Hulk, but Hulk has had a better track record the last five years.

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Too bad. It was a great looking poster.

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I feel so sorry for Slott and the other people working on Spider-man, they have to follow that embarrasing trashed they forced on fans. It's still unfathomable what they did, becuase it's stupid and pointless in so many ways. There's no point of a story about UNmasking that leads to getting rid of his marriage. Infact, it's such a big idea, they should of either made an event out of it or dropped the idea. I don't care about Aunt May nearly dying for the thousandth time. She died alrready. It was great. Spider-man could finally be his own man then. Ben or Peter. Who knows?

I say this,because it was the worst idea ever and they still did it and it's still mentioned in almost every article about Spider-man. It's so sad. I loved Spider-man. He was the best character ever and they made him into a pathetic loser. There's nothing moral or 'responsible' about not using your head and cheating your way out of a situation at the expense of others. In this the case the expense of an entire universe.

I'm sure Slott's doing his best.

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It seems Superhero teams just have anyone on them now. Is that the original Human Torch?

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J. Scott Campbell is looking even slower now.

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I couldn't tell what was going on in those previews.

THere are only a few mutants left. Who are they going to teach?

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The sad thing is they could really done a story about everyone finding out who Spider-man was and instead they lied to the readers and were never going to do that story, thus sales dropped and potential new readers were lost because a TV writer and Joe Quesada wanted him to be single... which had nothing to do with that idea.

That was the end of the book to many of us.