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I used to read Spider-man up until the unmasking that ruined the character for good. After that, it was like nothing was ever going to happen again. It was that bad. They just seem to stop putting the work into the character. The Unmasking could of sold lots of issues if under the right circumstance, but this was magic Spider-man with 10 new things going on and none of it mattered. They wanted him unmarried and that was the only thing they cared about.

Is he still magic?

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Okay, you have a spectacular Avengers movie... then you have Iron Man 3. Now this. Well, that didn't last long.

I know iron man 3 was the number one movie last year, but did you SEE it?!!!!!

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"Will Spider-man look like he's 12?!!!"

It's pretty sad when readers prefer the inhabitated body of your former character by the villain that killed him rather than the original guy. Speaking of which, was Spider-man still magic? Seems like they stopped explaining stuff around the time Civil War began. Geez, if you don't have a decent idea of what your character is or where to go, just don't do it. Especially if it's a big thing that you're not supposed to do in the book. We all know what I'm talking about.

I always thought Doc Ock was an under-rated enemy.

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Was he supposed to be Larry King in Iron Man 2? I wasn't clear on that.

I was going through the channels the other day and he was in the sequel to the Princess Diaries. Did he create, too? *

*I know he didn't create it.

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I used to read Spider-man when Peter Parker had some maturity to him and was a real hero. After all the magic retcons and stupid decisions on the book changing him into an immature person, I always wanted to read that other character again. I guess that's never going to happen.

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Aunt May went to heaven in Amazing 400 if I'm not mistaken.:)

Peter Parker? Oh yeah, he got his uncle killed.

Hey, I'm joking. Or am i...?

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If they did that Unmasking thing the booked seemed like a joke. They didn't pay it off or do anything with it. That was it. I don't know what the big surprise is and I don't really care. That' show sad this is. It has nothing to do with Slott, but much to do with the guy who drew that neat cover up there. I think he's using some electronic pad system now, his characters seem a little more stiff.

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Carlos Pacheco. Yes.

Brandon (digital pencils) Peterson... not so much. That stuff doesn't look too good. Pretty lifeless in my opinion. He is talented, just not on computer graphics.

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Ben Reilly was a great incarnation of the character. Certainly a better single Spider-man than the current one. I tried reading after all that Unmasking, OMD stuff but they ruined it for me. I don't think they would help my hand from reaching for a Spider-man comic, unfortunantly. I can't even pick up the book just to look at the cover anymore.

If they wrote him as they did back then, that would help.

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The thing about Mark Millar is he'll come up with a big concept, sometimes he's get it going and then he'll have no decent ending for it. I don't know why Civil War was late so much, but for a series that was supposed to change everything, it wasn't written very well and didn't have a real ending.