The Jangosphere: Impressions of EARTH 2 (spoilers)

With the release of the so-called Second Wave of The New 52 hitting this month, I thought I'd check out Earth 2. Since I'm new to the comic book world, I literally had no idea what this series was about except one thing: it takes place on a parallel Earth. The cover intrigued me as it showed the Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. I went in thinking that this would just be a parallel Earth version of Justice League, a series that I read but can't say that I've totally enjoyed.

The first several pages captured my full attention as this was a major force that Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman were dealing with. I never expected any of them to die here, but dammit if they didn't pull the rug out from under me! Here lately I've also been revisiting one of my favorite shows: L O S T. The way this issue kicked off, it reminded me of the last couple of episodes of Lost in that no one was guaranteed to survive. Just as Jack passed the torch to Hurley before dying, Batman did the same to his daughter Helena before his sacrificial heroics. Yeah...maybe it just spoke to me differently. Seeing Wonder Woman speared was surprisingly gut-wrenching to me, too.

You'd think I'd be disappointed because the big 3 died, but I'm really excited to see where this series could go. Especially after seeing the cover art for the next 2 issues.


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Posted by stormtrance1618

Yay. Glad to see you writing comic related stuff again!

It was cool Batman passing the torch to Helena... It's just a shame they took her out of Earth 2 and put her on Earth 1 though...

Posted by stormtrance1618

What did you think of the second issue? I found it rather lacking.